SLEEP! šŸ˜“šŸ’¤ Mama’s our hearts are being pulled in so many different directions right now. I remind myself to FEEL what I am feeling, not just move through it, possibly ignoring. I came home after work, got my work out done and then remembered dinner… right that evening meal to plan each day šŸ˜‚. TodayContinue reading “Sleep”

Bedtime Blend | Sleep Diffuser Blend

Honoring my intuition, I beautifully selected our bedtime blend intuitively as well. As I walked over to the rack, I thought of the evening blend that we were still enjoying in the main living areas of our home. As I stood in front of the rack, I could not think of the oils from thatContinue reading “Bedtime Blend | Sleep Diffuser Blend”

Tonights Diffuser blend | White Fir, Serenity, Clary Sage & Roman ChamomileĀ 

I am LOVING tonight’s Diffuser Blend! So unique, grounding and very comforting. Beautiful for bedtime! Sweet dreams! šŸ’• White Fir – The Oil Of Generational Healing. Positive properties of feeling free, generational healing, healthy patterns, creating new pathways and spiritual protection.  Serenity – The Oil of Forgiveness. Positive properties of calm, accepting, forgiving, compassionate, receptiveContinue reading “Tonights Diffuser blend | White Fir, Serenity, Clary Sage & Roman ChamomileĀ “

Spiritual Purpose, Creativity, Clarity & Vision | Diffuser Blend

Tonights diffuser blend!  Gorgeous! Selected with my Essential Oil Cards Plant Spirit App. Loving this combination with fantastic emotional support!  šŸ’— Citrus Bliss – Invigorating Blend is known as the Oil of Creativity. Supporting emotions of motivation, creativity, cheerful, self-expression, spontaneous and invigorated.  Clary Sage is known as the Oil of Clarity and Vision.  ClaryContinue reading “Spiritual Purpose, Creativity, Clarity & Vision | Diffuser Blend”

Roman ChamomileĀ 

It’s arrived! My doTERRA Roman Chamomile has arrived!!!  Truth be told I hadn’t even smelled Roman Chamomile until it arrived šŸ˜‰! It is however in a lot of blends we use, so without smelling it specifically, I have enjoyed this beautiful oil!  Last night we enjoyed a bedtime diffuser blend of Roman Chamomile, Frankincense andContinue reading “Roman ChamomileĀ “

Roman Chamomile & Melissa Essential Oils | doTERRA Available Dec 1

This is SO exciting and has been long awaited! Another reminder of how doTERRA truly cares about the quality of their product. These oils haven’t been available for quite some time… Melissa and Roman Chamomile Out of Stock posted on July 1, 2015 Due to unexpected harvesting issues, Melissa and Roman Chamomile are temporarily unavailableContinue reading “Roman Chamomile & Melissa Essential Oils | doTERRA Available Dec 1”