Power of Success

I was I was blessed to spend the day yesterday with not only a very good friend but with some very inspirational people. Enjoyed an awesome day this past week at #PowerOfSuccess! It was such a awesome, inspiring day! Some of my absolute favs were… John Gray, the author of Men are from Mars, WomenContinue reading “Power of Success”

Cheers to Saturday Morning

There is something about allowing yourself TIME! To enjoy a slow morning with zero pressure, plans or to-do! To simply BE in the moment and enjoy. That has been my weekend mornings lately. It’s been SO nice! Honoring the hard work we do each week and allowing ourselves the time to relax and recharge. ThisContinue reading “Cheers to Saturday Morning”

Girl, Stop Apologizing | My Review

I was so lucky to receive an advance copy of Girl, Stop Apologizing. I began reading this book unsure of what exactly it would be about. I had an inkling of an idea… stop making excuses! 😉 Just 48 pages in and whoa I could have written this myself! I can relate with the wordsContinue reading “Girl, Stop Apologizing | My Review”