What Are You Waiting For?

If I could give one piece of advice its to not give a fuck what someone else thinks and be proud of it!

In the absolute most loving and supportive way possible! Treating others with the utmost respect, ethics, trust, love, courtesy, caring but also staying true to YOU!

I lost “ME” a long time ago. So long ago I don’t even truly remember.

Ive been suppressing my burning desire to be more free. Free from past shit, being proud of exactly who I am, embracing my amazing strengths. To be proud to dream and reach for goals.

This past weekend I spent with 42 incredible women and 1 supportive man at our Elite Retreat North!

I went into this weekend freaking terrified, not truly wanting to go and secretly hoping it would be cancelled. (Yes the leaders who ran the retreat know this haha!).

There was something that was completely drawing me in to attend. Although we had just returned home from Convention, I would have to spend more money – on myself – take time away from my kids, husband, work and home… but I said to my husband “I just have this feeling like I HAVE to do this and NEED this.” Without hesitating he said, then you ARE going!


I came home a new woman to my family.

I am already feeling the powerful shift. Supporting my kids in the best way I ever have. I am so proud of both of my children. They remind me each and everyday how differences are SO beautiful, its what makes us, US! I need to best support them by being 100% completely their biggest advocate. Each and every single day of their life.

Going through life not caring what anyone else thinks or says!

Same goes for myself and its a daily work in progress. …and thats ok!


The retreat was held at a beautiful camp called the Olympia Sports Camp near Huntsville. This photo was from Saturday morning on the lake.

For far too long I’ve let past experiences, words, people, situations control me. When really they were shaping me into the woman I am. Ive been so focused on what happened to me – both good and bad. I always questioned, why? Why me? Even if it was something wonderful, Awesome… but why me? Or dwelling on negative things that happen. All of this is what has made me into the person I am today.

This weekend pushed me to be vulnerable, to open up and know that it was OK and I would be ok. It was hard – but it was also something I knew deep down Ive needed to do for a VERY long time. Over 20 years of shit building up… and you know what – we are NEVER alone! To be supported, encouraged, lifted up SO high to believe that ANYTHING is possible – because I AM ME!



My burning desire in life is to be free – financially, time, bullshit, stuff.

How incredible would it feel to be mortgage free? I WANT THAT!

How amazing would it be to have quality time for myself, together as a couple and a family? I DESERVE THAT! WE DESERVE THAT!!

What better gift could we give our children than time and traveling the world with them?

How spectacular would it feel to always dream and reach for the stars – being truly happy exactly the way I want to live my life in our newly renovated and finished nest! I AM WORTHY OF THAT!

Be true to what I am feeling, how I live, my ethics, beliefs, goals and dreams. The things we have in our home. The people we surround ourselves with. Letting our true selves shine through and being proud of our differences.

Ive been putting so many limitations on myself. Holding myself back.

My life has been transforming over the past 1.5 years and it feels SO freeing. This weekend was so cleansing, revealing and inspiring to be the BEST me no matter what, who, when or where!

Our lifestyle now is incredibly different than it was 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago and well over 10 years! Hell even 3 days ago. I AM PROUD OF THAT.

Its what makes me, what makes my husband, what makes our kids and what makes our family. But it starts with ME! If I don’t believe it, someone could tell me all day long and it wouldn’t truly have an effect.

I am proud …

  • to be a beautiful red headed woman
  • to be a wife to my best friend
  • to be a mom of two amazing kids
  • to be an ADHD Mom
  • of differences
  • to be a PCOS Woman
  • to have control of my hypothyroidism in a way that works best for me – naturally!
  • to be a wellness advocate educating on living a healthier life with essential oils
  • to be a part of our family history working in our family business
  • to be a lifestyle photographer
  • to be leading other women and their families all over the world in living a healthier life with essential oils
  • to dream for exactly what I want in life
  • to be an artist
  • of my past because its brought me to where I am today
  • that I can forgive
  • that I am strong
  • that I am open to receive
  • that it’s ok to ask for help
  • to admit Ive been depressed
  • that I have an incredibly big, warm caring heart
  • that I want the best for everyone
  • that I push myself to be better each and every single day
  • that I am empowering my children
  • that I am going to have a strong Diamond doTERRA team and family
  • to be vulnerable and open
  • to fall into the passion deep within me
  • to love myself and my family every single day
  • to be reaching my goal of being financially free
  • to know that as a woman I can do whatever sets my heart on fire
  • to use my oils everyday to support my physical and emotional health
  • to be a survivor and strong
  • to want to help other women be empowered
  • to value true friendship
  • to love evenings home together
  • of the power of forgiveness
  • that Im not letting past betrayal, lies and deceit control me
  • to know that their actions are them – not me
  • of my past thats made me who I am today
  • that I can heal
  • that I am a kick ass woman worthy of her wildest dreams


To all of the women who shared their time with me this weekend – THANK YOU! I value your own dedication, commitment, vulnerability, openness, fun, laughter – zero judgment!


Thank you to our amazing leaders for an incredible personal growth opportunity!

Look out world!!! XO 😀

Ramblings of the Oily Photographer

Today things are feeling good. Feeling like they are starting to come back into place again, feeling like we are moving forward again… with a slight delay.

What I have noticed is how much this has been physically affecting my body. Anyone that has seen me lately, after sitting for a while I am not very comfortable getting up. This weekend it was hot, then cold, then cool, then warm, easy for one’s body to tighten up.

So I purposely got up early Saturday morning and said “Lets Get Going!”. I got my little man and furboy and we went out to enjoy the sunshine for a walk. A beautiful morning spent together in peace and quiet and also great company.


I also relaxed more, enjoyed moving by walking, biking and even catching minnow’s. Having a great, low key quality time with family. Best… getting my camera out and having a computer to edit the photos on! ❤

Tonight while taking a walk through our basement, I was commenting to my hubby about how stiff and off kilter I was feeling that it dawned on me… PAM TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE! Get the DEEP BLUE ON! I put it on and ahhhh relief, my muscles are happy, feeling very soothed!

I haven’t been as great lately with meal planning and eating as healthy as we normally do. I had to tell myself ITS OK! You are doing the best you can right now. Or my supplements – which I KNOW help support the nutrition in my body and I thrive SO MUCH MORE when I take them each day. My entire body just flows better. There was days I forgot my supplements.

Ive even been lacking in getting the diffusers up and going – yet I feel SO much better afterwards!

When we get into our own fog, its really hard sometimes to see past into the clear.

This evening I put in some Breathe, Lime and Geranium.

Breathe is The Oil of Breath – assists in letting go of grief and pain, to help open up your body to breathe and not feel suffocated by saddness.
Lime is The Oil of Zest for Life – lime elevates someone above what they have been weighted down from, instilling courage and cheer in the heart and to be grateful for life.
Geranium is The Oil of Love & Trust – restores confidence in the goodness of others and the word, facilitating trust, promoting emotional healing, forgiving, gentle, loving, open and tolerant.

2 drops Breathe, 2 drops Lime and 1 drop of Geranium as the Diffuser Blend.

This diffuser blend is so good, I felt inspired to sit and write, to get it out of my heart and mind. To come down from my head and into my heart, have complete trust that everything is going to work out exactly the way it needs to and everything will be ok. To hold the vision in my mind that I can literally see coming forth before my eyes in so many ways. That with our hard work, love and devotion we completely 100% deserve to reach these goals and be ecstatic with the results.  Even with baby steps – you are always moving forward :D! To just write and not care what anyone might say or think. Its about us and what we need to happen – what we see as our vision for this beautiful life!

The good news is we are finally moving forward with the basement!!! My heart has been very heavy and overwhelmed these past two weeks. Its a fresh week that started off today with the green light to re-build! My heart is happy, our kids as I type are designing their rooms – exactly how they want them to be. Its the least we can do for them since they have been displaced for a 2nd time in one year, from their rooms! I am SO excited to give this to them. However they want it painted, where they want their toy storage and shelves to go, what pictures they want in their rooms! To completely make it about them and who they truly are! ❤

Our family is excitedly awaiting our new kitchen as well. A process which was our planned spring/summer project and is exactly what Ive been envisioning for so long! I am so excited, proud and quite eager to enjoy this upgrade to our home. Something our family loves doing together, COOKING, and how amazing its going to be – just days away!!!

With the last 2 week flood craze we totally fell out of our “norm” or the “daily routines”, we’ve been tested just a little bit more, challenged with becoming stronger. Learning how to better support emotional health with sleep, nutrition and oils. This past year and a half through all of our renovation process we’ve grown significantly as individuals and as a family. This flood has pushed us all beyond how we normally do things and live to a summer living room sleep over. Hubby and I now purposely going to our bedroom to relax earlier once the kids ‘go to bed’ (remember, kids in the living room) and we are actually getting better sleep because we are ‘going to bed earlier’!

So amongst all of this, there has been a silver lining. If anything, how we grow is the best. We’ve been given the opportunity to spend more time together – because we have to – in a smaller space than we are used to – and its been ok! I feel we are getting through it, with some moments of course but who doesn’t have those. Hahaa life isn’t perfect… but its perfectly ours! 😉













It’s OK To Let It Go

It’s OK to let go, my son told my daughter. 

We were sorting through their freshly cleaned laundry deciding what is staying and what would be donated. 

My daughter is a lot like me, everything she is given holds sentimental value to her. It’s more challenging for her to let go. 

I explained to our kids that we would be going through their clothes and if they didn’t like them/wouldn’t wear them or they don’t fit. They go. 

Our miss was having a harder time with letting some things go when my son told her “It’s OK To Let It Go!”

I actually stopped for a moment and thought, WOW this is what I am reaching for, the ability to be able to ‘let it go’ in a material and emotional way. This is what I’ve been working to empower my children with. To not be defined by “stuff”, the clothes you wear, toys you have, but YOU! To be ok with showing emotions and expressing frustration.  
Now with literally having no control over our current situation, I was allowing my need to be in control over my life and situation to cause me a lot of stress and anxiety. 

When really if I take my son’s advice and just be OK to let it go… It would actually feel very freeing! 

Our situation sucks, but it’s certainly not the worst. I am grateful for that.  I am thankful for the family and friends who have supported us emotionally and physically over the last few days. Seeing your newly finished hard work go down the drain (haha the water finally did go down), is heart wrenching! 

I am optimistic and excited for this new next reno phase and more so because we are learning to live with much less! 💕 

10 Things To Say To Empower Yourself! 

What do you say to yourself? 

We’ve all done it, have felt inadequate or worried what others will think… 

Let’s turn these 10 things you should never say into 10 amazing positive things you should say to empower yourself! 

  1. What will they think of me. -> I LOVE INSPIRING AND EMPOWERING OTHERS!
  2. I’m so embarrassed I could die. -> I DREAM AND LIVE WITH PASSION.
  3. I can’t do it. -> I CAN DO ANYTHING! 
  4. I’m so useless. -> I HAVE UNIQUE SKILLS! SUCH AS… Sports, Art, Photography, Language, Math, Helping others etc…
  5. I’m not good enough. -> I AM ENOUGH!
  6. Nobody loves me.  -> I AM LOVED AND RESPECTED! 
  7. Life is so unfair. -> I AM THE ARCHITECT OF MY LIFE!

I will admit, I am guilty of the negative self talk, we all are, we are human.  It is so much more empowering to speak highly of yourself with love and confidence – even if possibly at the time you do not completely believe it! That’s totally ok! It will come. With an open heart and mind, invite in the power of the law of attraction! Begin to feel the shift in your life 💖! 

Escape To The Beach To Re-Charge Your Brain & Body!

The beach and our family cottage truly is my “happy place”. Even just spending an hour there my brain and body is completely relaxed and at ease.
Personally I find the fresh air and water incredibly relaxing. My creative juices get flowing and this is where I take the majority of my photograph’s during the Spring and Summer months! We explore as a family or simply kick back and relax taking in the peace and quiet and being one with nature or reconnecting with family and friends.

That incredible feeling of peace and calmness that you experience at the beach is now being referred to as “blue space.” That’s what scientists have dubbed the effect that the combination of soothing smells and sounds of water have on your brain. The blue space is enough to make you feel at ease in a hypnotic sort of way.

When you notice how relaxed you feel at the beach, it’s not just all in your head. Science says that it’s a change in the way your brain reacts to its environment leaving you feeling happy, relaxed and reenergized.

Overall, this blue space effects you in four different ways.

  1. Going to the beach reduces stress. 
  2. The beach boosts your creativity. 
  3. Going to the beach can reduce feelings of depression.
  4. Overall, spending time at the beach will change your perspective on life. 

(Source – http://shareably.net/visiting-the-beach/?utm_source=hcr&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=positive)

How does this scientifically boost our moods?

1. Your brain’s prefrontal cortex is activated. The prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain associated with emotion and self-refection (as well as other functions) has been shown to be engaged when ocean sounds are played.

2. Ocean waves generate negative ions. The peaceful feeling we get at the beach could be a result of molecular changes that are happening in our bodies. The ocean’s waves produce negative ions. Negative ions accelerate our bodies ability to absorb oxygen. They also balance levels of serotonin; a chemical produced by the body that is related to mood and stress.

3. Your stress hormone cortisol level would be lowered. The reason the beach has such a calming effect on us could be because of the sound the waves make. The sound of the ocean may have an even deeper emotional effect according to Batts. The noise of the ocean ““probably triggers deep memories or feelings of relaxation and safety.

4. The flat ocean’s surface calms you. The flat plane of the ocean’s surface may also give us a sense of security and safety. Neuroscientist Michael Merzenich says that humans feel safe when they are in places that are not complex.

(Source – http://www.lifehack.org/408837/science-explains-how-the-beach-can-change-our-brains-and-mental-health) 

Are You Fueling Your Passion?

In transforming this house of ours into “Our home” It’s been… a challenge. However as we know with challenges, we grow! With our basement renos done (yay!) and the main floor renovations now well under way (I have a massive tented off area in our kitchen / dining room) I knew in my heart we needed to do something special for the kids.

Living through renos is challenging, for all of us. Routine and consistency is important to us. When things begin to feel out of routine and/or cluttered, it becomes heavy, which affect us emotionally and physically. So for us to be able to do this for the kids was well worth the investment! To bring a little light and happiness into their lives in the midst of these on-going renos… we bought them a trampoline!

While browsing Facebook the other day my “memories” popped up, I simply love those memories… especially when they involve my littles. However seeing these memories was a reminder…

Life has been busy with renos and I realized this weekend that I’ve really been lacking in photos of moments and memories with our kids. Something to be honest – they absolutely treasure!

Yes we are just welcoming Spring and during the Winter I certainly take a lot less photos… However when the kids were younger I captured everything, the random moments of watching TV, snuggling with the dog, eating, colouring, reading, playing inside and outside. I LOVE going back and reliving through the photos captured.

I was allowing my “busyness” that are our home renovations, to completely take over my mind and I came to realize when reliving these memories…  I’ve been loosing out!

This weekend we had a lot of fun with the littles! Decorating eggs, baking and just being together! I captured some amazing memories and my heart was reignited! Hubby still got work done on the reno and I did as well with decluttering! We were productive, relaxed and recharged. Ah the benefit to a long weekend! I allowed my mind to relax and reconnect with a passion of mine. The mind and camera are a very powerful duo!

Yesterday, I had dinner planned out, I knew what our intention was for after work and everything fell into place beautifully! I made sure that us taking a night off ‘renos’ would be more beneficial for all of us, emotionally. I came home and just let myself be. I selected a beautiful diffuser blend and just let go of the “I have to do…” thinking and just went with the flow. Tidied the kitchen, supper on the BBQ, dishes done, dishwasher detergent made, oil massages for the kids, doTERRA Business meeting and relaxed with hubby! It truly was an awesome AND productive night!

Hearing them on the trampoline and seeing their happy faces was worth pausing on the kitchen reno for one night for hubby to build this with our boy! We had an awesome roast beef dinner cooked on the BBQ.  I captured some awesome shots of the kids having a total blast! The smiles on their face simply filled my heart with joy! My heart feels so happy I chose to just BE rather than thinking ‘what’s next’ to do, to pay, to call, to buy, to do for the kids, to wash etc.

Just BE in the moment and be truly happy and grateful.
I honestly had a much more productive evening than those other nights where I’m constantly thinking of what we “need” to do…

I love that Spring is here!

I love that we are renovating to make this home ours!

I love that we have time to just be with the kids and enjoy life.

I love that my passion in lifestyle photography and living a happy, healthy life fuels our memories!

Having the drive, motivation and pure energy to get out and capture these memories with my children is something I have been more recently blessed with as my health has drastically improved.

What have you done today to take a step back and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones?  What ignites you, what sets your soul on fire and drives you to be a better person? 

The Universe will never cease to amaze me. As this arrived in my email box this morning… Getting back to what you love ❤ Thank you Madisyn Taylor for these beautiful words!

Getting Back to What You Love


Nothing can fill the emptiness that remains in a space vacated by a passion that we have tossed aside.

There are times in life when we are committed to pursuing our passions. Every molecule in our body is focused on doing what we love. At other times, necessity and responsibility dictate that we put our dreams aside and do what needs to be done. It is during these moments that we may choose to forget what it is that we love to do. There are many other reasons for why we may leave our passions behind. A hobby may lose its appeal once we’ve realize it will never turn into our dream job. Someone important to us may keep telling us that our passions are childish and unsuitable – until we finally believe them.

Forgetting about what you love to do can be a form of self-sabotage. If you can forget about your dreams, then you never have to risk failure. But just because we’ve decided to ignore our passions doesn’t mean they no longer exist. Nothing can fill the emptiness that remains in a space vacated by a passion that we have tossed aside. Besides, life is too short to stop doing what you love, and it is never too late to rediscover your favorite things. If you gave up playing an instrument, painting, drawing, spending time in nature, or any other activity or interest that you once loved to do, now may be the time to take up that passion again. If you don’t remember what it is that you used to be passionate about, you may want to think about the activities or interests that you used to love or the dreams that you always wished you could pursue.

You don’t have to neglect your responsibilities to pursue your passions, and you don’t have to neglect your commitments to do what you love. When you make an effort to incorporate your interests into your life, the fire within you ignites. You feel excited, inspired, and fed by the flames that are sparked by living your life with passion for what you love.


Where Our Path Leads Us… I Am The Architect of My Life! 💕

Our emotional and physical health can sometimes feel like it’s taking over every part of our life when we don’t feel good… Emotional scars can feel like weights preventing you from living your true potential. I know and understand.  

Be easy on yourself.  We all have a journey that we are on, each and everyone of us are different. Take the time you need to heal and if I can offer one piece of advice, always find 1 good thing in your life that happened each day! 

Did you know one of the most common symptoms of PCOS is depression. I’ve been there, I’ve felt it, Thankfully, I’ve broken through! 

Feeling lost in the Healthcare system and just another statistic. You CAN take control of your health and BE exactly who you want to be! For me, then all I wanted more than anything was to be a mom. 

12 years ago I was that woman dealing with the horrible physical and emotional pain of infertility. Unfortunately my emotional scars are much deeper than that. 

I was blessed two fold after infertility treatments with our son and surprisingly less than 18 months later with our daughter. The pain of infertility is absolutely scarring, the fear of ‘never being a mom’ still brings me to tears today… but now for a much better reason. Because I conquered the fear! 

I used to hate my journey, I used to hold alot of anger and questions why. Infertility is not for the weak of hearts, it’s trying, challenging and tests every inch of your being and your marriage. Emotionally you feel about 2 inches tall. It brings past pain and scars screaming to the surface. My friends who were getting pregnant weren’t having any issues, some without even trying, so why me? Why did I have to go through this? 

After our son was born I remember saying to my hubby, I can’t do it again if it happens great, but I can’t “try” for a second baby. You know what… in that moment God was listening. I always joke that after the pain we went through, our daughter was his surprise blessing so I did not have to endure that emotional pain of “trying again”. 

But it wasn’t easy… Having my two beautiful children was a dream come true, however I was now raising our babies while still quietly pushing aside years of emotional pain and scars. 

After meeting my husband I joked with him that he saved me, because in that moment he really did. That weekend I met him, literally completely changed my life and I thank god. From a past that had been emotionally unhealthy for a lot of years. A past that was shaping who I was and it was not the best “me”. A past that I had a hard time processing of why would anyone treat someone like this… It was a struggle some days with my (now) husband to be ok with opening up, to trust that he was not going to use or hurt me and that I was worth being loved and treated with respect. There were many days I pushed back, not feeling worthy of being loved, happy and successful. Almost testing to see if he really did love me and if he would still be there as my lover and friend. 

That monkey on my back being so used to “life before”. Years of being emotionally beat down and struggling in many areas of my life. SO many times wanting to run away, wanting a fresh start. I simply wanted to be understood, loved and respected, to be told “It’s OK I’m here”. 

Our also marriage hasn’t been easy, dealing with my own absolutely raw emotional pain,  we were tested early in our relationship, in the months leading to our marriage, over a year of infertility and even years after. 

While dating, I secretly went to therapy, knowing I needed to get control of “this” if I wanted “our” future to be bright, but also not wanting to “scare” him away from all my past shit I had to deal with. He knew I was hurting, he was one of the only ones who knew the details of how much I was hurting, but it still took me time to admit I needed help. Years after becoming parents we took a step forward into therapy, together. Once again, for me it felt like I was taking a leap, it was stirring up a lot of past hurt and emotional scars. 

It’s taken time even through all these years to KNOW within my heart and soul that I DESERVE love and respect and in all honesty, I am the only one who can make that happen.

What I’ve learned in life and in dealing through this baggage is you have to do what’s right for YOU. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or does. Even if you feel completely alone and it feels like you have zero understanding, compassion or respect – keep going! I used to blame myself, make excuses and really and truly left myself open and attracted in more negativity, hurt and disappointment. 

The way someone treats you is a direct reflection of THEM. How you react is your Karma, how they treat you is theirs.

I honestly struggled with this for years. Wanting to make the truth in many instances, be known, but also just wanting all those emotional scars to just disappear. I now know that as long as I know the truth and am content and happy in MY life now – that is all that matters. What happened in the past is in the past and I deserve to be loved and respected for who I am. 

Being a mom to both a son and daughter I want them to know strength. I want them to know how to be emotionally strong and happy. I want them to know love and respect for themselves, for each other, for others in their lives. I want them both to respect other men and women both in friendship and relationships. 

“What you put out into the world comes back.” I used to focus on this and find reasons for why I was hurt and what I did to deserve this. I didn’t. I didnt deserve to be treated that way, i just wasnt atrong enough to know it. “Everything happens for a reason.” Another I full heartedly believe but also one that makes me question so much.  Anything negative that happens in life is an opportunity for growth. I have an opportunity to be open with my children the importance of being true to YOU! 

Just over 5 years ago began MY journey of being true to ME! True to the change I knew I needed in my life. It takes time, it’s takes patience, it takes a lot of understanding and being open to facing those scars of the past to become stronger and healthier! 

Today is another new step in my journey. Beginning with a new experience to help clear these past negative energies. 

I am open, I am excited and I am ready! Sometimes where our path leads us isn’t where we want to be, so we must take control to redirect and shape the life we know we deserve! 💗

I am the architect of my life! 💕

Your Life As Art News | My Personal Development

As the kids are getting older and I am feeling much more healthier and energetic, I am now making my own personal development much more of a priority than ever before!

This past weekend I received my doTERRA AromaTouch Training which was absolutely amazing. This technique uses 8 of our essential oils in a systematic way along with hand movements along the back and feet to provide an individual with a powerful essential oil experience to assist the body in healthy stress management, immune support, healthy inflammatory response and homeostasis. Upon completing the required AromaTouch Technique’s I will receive my certification which I am so grateful to add to my doTERRA business and my life!

The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience.


Energy, feelings and the universe is something which also goes hand in hand with my doTERRA life and is something Ive always been facinated about ! Even when I was younger I remember how excited I would get to read my horoscope – especially if it was at the end of the day or week and what my horoscope said was true!

Last night I began my next journey in my personal development in becoming Reiki Certified! Its hard for me to even begin to describe just how excited I am for this, the experience last night with our first meditation in class and our attunement which is to come next week! Truly an investment in myself to not only better myself but also provide another benefit to ‘Your Life As Art Essentials’! I have been intrigued to learn about using my essential oils to help balance out the body’s natural energy and chakra’s and am thrilled to learn how to put this into practice in my own life over the upcoming weeks!


I am SO excited for both of these certifications to not only boost my personal development, vibration and energy; but to also allow me to support and empower others. 

Thrilled to have you join me on the newest adventure of Your Life As Art Essentials! 

More details to come soon 😉 

doTERRA ONE Convention

WOW what an experience to fly to Utah and spend the week with not only fabulous people on our doTERRA Team but the best part was the education, science and new products!!!

As a mom this information solidified my decision even more to trust in the products from doTERRA for myself and my children! This was my first doTERRA Global Convention and I came home even more confident in my choices Ive made for myself, my family and the support I am able to provide to my family, friends and doTERRA users, sharers or fellow builders on my team.

We were presented with impressive scientific research on the essential oils themselves, sleep, women’s health, emotional health, Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives, testing and procedures, physicians panel, new educational resources including an updated app for emotional health AND an essential oil test database for every single lot number!!!

Great summary to share with a LOT more details to come once the studies are published!

Curious about these oils?
You should be 😉
We literally use them for everything in our home from cleaning, cleansing the air, freshening the room with a great variety of 100% natural scents and blends, cooking with our oils vs dried spices that can loose their great taste, first aid options, muscle aches and pains, headaches, acne, facial and skin care (NEW SPA Line!) And SO much more !!! YES all from the SAME oils!!! Bonus… we are SO much healthier!

The oils are so incredibly versatile and an amazing investment to be able to do all this and more … bonus NO toxins, chemicals, fillers of any kind!


Our doTERRA oils are second to NO OTHERS in the world. Bottom line is they work!!!!

It was awesome to hear from a panel of doctors on a stage in front of 30,000 people who are often mocked by their peers but know that essential oils work. One of them said, “Our system is broken and I was looking for a solution” and found that solution in essential oils.

I’m proud to be a part of a company who is literally changing the world! I love that I am part of this Revolution to Natural Solutions!! Changing the world, one drop at a time!!


The days there were spent filling my mind with amazing and empowering information! I feel a new sense of excitement and these new products… truly amazing!

Check out all these awesome goodies from Convention!!!

Including our 23 new / improved products…

-Emotions Touch Kit with 6 of the Emotional Aromatherapy Oils (announced Sept 2015) all pre-diluted in roller bottles with NEW proprietary stainless steel roller bottles. The 6 new touch roller blends are Cheer, Console, Forgive, Motivate, Passion and Peace.

-5ml Spikenard Essential Oil sourced through co-impact sourcing from Nepal and had properties similar to Frankincense

-15ml Petitgrain sourced through co-impact sourcing in Paraguay.

-15ml Serenity new blend which now includes Cedarwood, Ho Wood and Vetiver  (amazing combination)

-doTERRA Serenity Sleep Aid Restful Complex Softgels

-Kids Chewable Vitamins new and improved with a new watermelon flavour and cognitive blend of choline, phosphatidylserine and inositol.

-PB Assist Jr is amazing! This is a kids probiotic supplement in a powder type form that offers a great taste and includes 5 billion live cells of a unique blend of 6 different pro-biotic strains! My kids LOVE this new product!

-The new SPA LINE is simply fabulous! It consists of a new bath bar, refreshing body wash, exfoliating body scrub, detoxifying mud mask, replenishing body butter, hand and body lotion (unscented so you can add your fav oil), citrus bliss hand lotion, rose hand lotion (lotions are new and improved formulas and looks now within the spa line), 3 new lip balm options with original, tropical and herbal

Check out the links below:

  1. 23 New Products! Available for purchase in the US on October 3, 2016.

– See more at: https://doterra.com/US/en/blog/events/doterra-one-convention-recap#sthash.wL1oz3LG.dpuf

Curious to learn more about these new products? I would love to share with you in person or online more about each of them!!! Our family has already been enjoying them – especially the new SPA line it’s amazing!!!

*Exclusives to Convention attendees is the 5ml Birch and 10ml HOPE Roller blend

**Rose hand lotions is available for purchase for $20USD outside of the kit and ALL proceeds of the sale goes to the Healing Hands Foundation.

***Exclusive to Gala attendees is the ONE Roller blend

DoTERRA provided a great list of the announcements from Convention ! You can check those out HERE!
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My Unforgettable 1st doTERRA CONVENTION Experience 

I began another blog about all the amazing new products, the science and research, true dedicated, heart felt good people! 

All of that is so amazing, my family is loving the new products. 

What is really warming MY heart right now is what I first need to share with you. 

This was not only a crazy exciting doTERRA experience, this has completely changed me! 

The woman inside of me that I KNEW was there, I knew I would be SO happy being. This week away, away from the duties of work, household, and children. I was so blessed to get to hang out with a bunch of girls (and a few of their men) and just be me. 

Just me… honestly this trip had me freaked out! I’ve never been away from my home for 5 days without being with my husband and/or our children.  

It was AMAZING!!! Of course I missed them, all, like crazy! My boy, my first born, turned 10 while I was away. I literally cried when I video chatted with them the morning of his birthday as he opened his gifts! But it made me stronger. I was so blessed to get to ‘see’ him (his sister and my hubby) on his birthday even though I was away. 

My husband was so incredibly encouraging. The entire trip and even in those months leading up to when I made up every excuse in the book! Our son was to have his friend birthday party on the Saturday, while I was still gone… ugh this I was torn on, I’ve always done through majority of the birthday party’s… and I would have to entirely let go of this. But I did and it was fabulous! Even to the point of using my “big” camera to be sure he got pictures!  My husband was actually a little offended that I was feeling that uneasy! He was genuinely looking forward to spending time with just him and the kids. Every day we would message throughout and every day – every single day- he told me how happy he was that I went to experience this! I was able to share that piece with him! 

Pull in the speakers as well from the doTERRA Convention and WOW! 

Emily Wright, a mother herself, told each and every one of us that we truly are amazing! She then asked for ALL the Mothers in the room to stand up! Water works!!! She thanked us for our dedication and our own commitment to better our lives and those around us!  

During my trip I stayed with people who I’ve never stayed with, ever in my life and really have only known a short time. It was amazing! We had so much fun! From the happy tears, cheers and laughter in the Convention to the over tired questions, bunk beds and beer, our driver, amazing salads, late night snacks, garage door, gala, Tiffany  Peterson, dancing on stage, wine from a restaurant, spa experience, heights, airplane turbulence, emergency landing, comforting, walks to the van, olive garden kind of experience! 

I completely opened myself up to the possibility, that I do deserve more, that I do have a true gift and through my story I WILL empower others. 

Much like when I found the doTERRA products, I feel like a missing piece of the puzzle. This is like icing on the cake. Everything I knew true, was verified even more for me. The best part is much of that info is going to be published. I knew in my heart for 200% that the choices I was making for myself and my family, we’re the right ones. I knew that, for a while I kind of hid what I was doing and didn’t tell many people for the fear of what they would say or their reaction would be. To reaching the point of, I am going to do what I know is right for MY family! And if I can empower others along the way – Amazing!!! 

This entire week validated my exact thoughts and feelings! Exactly! 

I came home feeling more educated with hard facts and proof, beyond just my word. Because of this I speak much more confidently about these products I use personally, with my family and in my home. I have a new found love of friendships and the people I was lucky to spend time with, meet and hang-out- some for the very first time!

To be told YOU ARE AMAZING and to believe it. 

In a massive amounts of people and lacking sleep yet was able to stay healthy the entire time ! 

This Was HUGE For ME!!! 


I feel different and it’s a good different. I am more confident with my own health and the choices I’ve made which have made positive changes within my everyday. 

My heart feels so full right now. So very abundant and blessed. 

We’ve already booked next years Convention tickets and the hotel… Guess who is coming with me ??? Yes!!! My Hubby!!! 

If you’d like to see photos from this spectacular time check out my Facebook Group – Your life As Art Home Essentials. Request to join and enjoy the information, tips and hints! 

If you are someone who has been thinking about making a positive change in your life I would love to connect via email, Facebook, on the phone or in person. I truly am dedicated to empowering others just like I’ve been empowered by my DoTERRA friends who are like a bonus family! With the amazing 25% off and ability to save 10-30% additionally.  I completely am able to afford quality products for myself and my family, our bodies health is worthy of that investment! It is because of this investment of my health, this has brought me here to today!