Gut Health and Happiness

Who had a fantastic time with Halloween last night!?!? I know we did with our kids… This morning the first thing they will be having will be their pro-biotics, PB Assist Jr, to help support their bodies in digesting all of the candy enjoyed and getting back on track šŸ˜‰ Did you know that yourContinue reading “Gut Health and Happiness”

Your Life As Art News | My Personal Development

As the kids are getting older and I am feeling much more healthier and energetic, I am now making my own personal development much more of a priority than ever before! This past weekend I received my doTERRA AromaTouch Training which was absolutely amazing. This technique uses 8 of our essential oils in a systematicContinue reading “Your Life As Art News | My Personal Development”

1 Week Today | County Down To doTERRA ConventionĀ 

1 week today the announcements begin! I can hardly contain myself with pure excitement!!!  The beach, meet my oils! These are a few of my favourite things!  Next week I am attending my first ever doTERRA Convention!!! I am SO excited!  For me this is MORE than ‘new scents’… this is about LIFE CHANGES!  YesContinue reading “1 Week Today | County Down To doTERRA ConventionĀ “