Enjoying the fall at the cottage | Saugeen Shores

Lake Huron at the cottage has always been ever changing, but without a doubt so very beautiful. Over just a few days the water changed with the weather. I enjoyed getting down to the beach to shoot the peaceful view, while inside our lil lady spent Thanksgiving weekend sick on the couch. While the kidsContinue reading “Enjoying the fall at the cottage | Saugeen Shores”

“Sunrise” Won 2nd Place – Saugeen Shores Pumpkin Fest!

I am so very excited to share that my photo received 2nd place in the Saugeen Shores Pumpkin Fest Photo Contest in the Sunset/Sunrise Adult Category!!! My Photo will be printed and displayed at Pumpkin Fest 2012 on both Saturday and Sunday!!! http://www.pumpkinfest.org/ http://www.pumpkinfest.org/documents/2012_PhotoContestRules.pdf

Summer (fun) lovin into fabulous (responsible) fall!

Ive always love being busy, love having a to-do list, however with my hours being re-arranged with back to school and new work responsibilities (that Im loving) Im slowly but surely fitting into this adjusted role of a fulltime working mom while still enjoying my photography as well (my sanity saver lol). Summer is suchContinue reading “Summer (fun) lovin into fabulous (responsible) fall!”

Can I just keep them young…

There are days of course that hubby and I talk about one day when they are older, but in all honesty we LOVE every moment that they are little, every moment, ok ok not the crying and whining, that is not fun that can be a headache – but 9 times out of 10 …Continue reading “Can I just keep them young…”

Camera Club {Path} Photography – April

Met with the Mount Forest Camera Club last night, was so fun. I truly do enjoy seeing everyones photos each month and how each individual photographer interprets the theme word of that month. This past month was “Path”. Easter weekend we as a family went up to the family cottage and I was able toContinue reading “Camera Club {Path} Photography – April”

Enjoying Mother Earth ~ #Photography on #EarthDay

I love when I have the opportunity to drive and just take photos, stop wherever my heart desires and shoot. I really shoot have a sign on my van that says {Photographer At Work} for those wondering why this crazy lady keeps pulling over so much or why Im hoping the guardrail or sucking myselfContinue reading “Enjoying Mother Earth ~ #Photography on #EarthDay”

Mount Forest Camera Club

I am so honored to share this write up by the club’s very own Lori Blair who was also the co-founder of the Camera Club. She wrote up an excellent article featuring the Camera Club! Check it out below or pick up a copy of the Mount Forest Confederate.

Signs of Spring

In the tree beside our driveway is a tiny little nest… our kids are excited to see if someone might make this nest their home. Mady even called up asking “is anybody home in that nest?” LOL Children enjoying the outside ! Gorgeous green grass and very happy (and finally tired) dogs! The end ofContinue reading “Signs of Spring”

Happy St Patricks Day!

We had a very fun St Patrick’s Day! I had a blast getting the camera out in the gorgeous sunshine and capturing our fun – well some of it. We shared an awesome evening outside enjoying this gorgeous weather! So much infact that come 8pm when our supper was ready – yummy bbq steak, salmon,Continue reading “Happy St Patricks Day!”