Moms First Aid Kit with doTERRA Essential Oils | Canadian Natural Health Product

One of the reasons I LOVE the doTERRA Products is the positive effect they’ve had on my life as well as my family’s. Now that our products are in Canada AND are recognized by Health Canada – many of them with Natural Health Product numbers the possibilities are simply endless! One of the ways weContinue reading “Moms First Aid Kit with doTERRA Essential Oils | Canadian Natural Health Product”

Preparing for back to School | Focus & Immune Boost

With back to school a little over a month away this month is amazing to stock up on the “Back to School” Essentials! These 4 items are what I would consider key for back to school! Fractionated Coconut Oil is what we use as a “carrier” for the essential oils. This provides the oil aContinue reading “Preparing for back to School | Focus & Immune Boost”

Remove Toxins From Your Life | Top 50 Health and Wellness Tips

Check it out! Hot off the presses… the top 50 Health and Wellness Tips from REAL people making a difference!!! I’m loving tip #30… It’s mine!!! My tips for a healthy and well life are simple. Remove toxins from your life, this includes chemicals and people! Shift your health care focus from problem solvingContinue reading “Remove Toxins From Your Life | Top 50 Health and Wellness Tips”

Savour Life and Return to Love | doTERRA Black Pepper & Basil

After hearing some very heart breaking news today, this evening I asked The Spirit Plant Essential Oil Cards which 2 oils I should use in the diffuser. I found this incredible which two oils were suggested. So tonight while enjoying this diffuser blend I wanted to share this with you. A reminder to truly openContinue reading “Savour Life and Return to Love | doTERRA Black Pepper & Basil”

Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset

What a gorgeous weekend to be at the beach! The water, sand and sun was simply fabulous – so warm, refreshing and calming! In and out of the water proved to heat things up with some of us getting a little extra sun. Imagine that, me as a red head under an umbrella for theContinue reading “Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset”

“Meat” Diffuser Blend| Emotional Cleansing

Tonight the kids requested tacos for supper! I LOVE any meal that feels like appetizers and tacos are one of our favs!!! So I began cooking up the meat and beans, when the meat was just about done I added in 1 drop of Oregano, 2 drops of Thyme and 2 drops of Cumin! WhileContinue reading ““Meat” Diffuser Blend| Emotional Cleansing”

Building a doTERRA Business | The basics with Pam

What does it mean to be a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Build a Business? As many do with doTERRA, I began as a User. I wanted to learn about the products and the basics of ‘what are essential oils’. I soon fell in love having committed to truly giving the oils a fair shot. ThisContinue reading “Building a doTERRA Business | The basics with Pam”

doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program

Hello to all my oily lovers! What is the Loyalty Rewards Program? This optional program is designed to reward you for purchasing monthly with doTERRA. So for example if you make a purchase of 100PV (product value) you would receive 10-30PV back in points! These points are used just like dollars to purchase products! IveContinue reading “doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program”

I have a dream… Do you?

A dream of giving back, providing a helping hand. Discovering ME. My true passion, life purpose and taking action. Small business growth products and services. A solid backbone of every community. Financial Freedom. There is more to working than just paying bills. LOVING LIFE! Health and Happiness. More time with Family. Thirst for knowledge. SolidContinue reading “I have a dream… Do you?”

Stay BUG Free This Summer! | doTERRA Essential Oils

Last summer our family enjoyed a bug free year with this powerful blend from doTERRA – Terra Shield! This blend powerfully repels mosquitoes as well as other pesky bugs! Its so powerful that we put a few drops in a diffuser, put the diffuser on the table and we were completely bug free!!! The doTERRAContinue reading “Stay BUG Free This Summer! | doTERRA Essential Oils”