Let Your Kids Shine With Simple Living!

About a month ago after the kids went  to bed, I was sitting and reflecting on a LOT in life. Thinking of how living simple truly is THE best way to live and has been one of the best decisions in our lives to make. Life isn’t perfect, day’s go for a complete shit and turnContinue reading “Let Your Kids Shine With Simple Living!”

Your Life As Art News | My Personal Development

As the kids are getting older and I am feeling much more healthier and energetic, I am now making my own personal development much more of a priority than ever before! This past weekend I received my doTERRA AromaTouch Training which was absolutely amazing. This technique uses 8 of our essential oils in a systematicContinue reading “Your Life As Art News | My Personal Development”

With a soft and gentle Whisper

Hey all my oily lovers! This past week was emotionally tough for this Oily Photographer so I literally surrounded myself with loved ones ALL weekend from Friday night to Sunday night with of course some quiet downtime for myself as well. Saturday morning part of our oily team got together for some training, exactly whatContinue reading “With a soft and gentle Whisper”

I have a dream… Do you?

A dream of giving back, providing a helping hand. Discovering ME. My true passion, life purpose and taking action. Small business growth products and services. A solid backbone of every community. Financial Freedom. There is more to working than just paying bills. LOVING LIFE! Health and Happiness. More time with Family. Thirst for knowledge. SolidContinue reading “I have a dream… Do you?”

Dog Days of Summer | August 28, 2015

This summer is flying by, soon the kids will be back to school and the cool fall evenings upon us – I just LOVE Fall! The colours, the temperatures… its my favourite season! Even though the summer is flying by… we have had SO much fun! Fun with our family, friends and especially our littleContinue reading “Dog Days of Summer | August 28, 2015”

Let the Christmas Season begin! | 2014

To truly kick off the Christmas Season we began with a photo for my parents of them with all their grandchildren. As mom told the children (while we were getting them coordinated) this was the only thing Grama wanted for Christmas – and does it ever warm our hearts! I so love this image andContinue reading “Let the Christmas Season begin! | 2014”

Spring has sprung in our back yard!

As a young girl one thing I loved to do at my grandparents house was watch the birds. Grama has always fed the birds and I remember loving looking through her bird books. It was finally time to find the perfect spot in our yard for bird feeders. I had them in the front yardContinue reading “Spring has sprung in our back yard!”

Celebrated World Photography Day … in my own backyard!

A few times this year Ive taken some time to walk around and truly take in the beauty of our own yard – flowers, grass, trees and yes even weeds – some are gorgeous! Last night in honour of World Photography Day, I did just that… wonder around and I was very pleased with theContinue reading “Celebrated World Photography Day … in my own backyard!”

Fire In The Sky… Home Sweet Home [HDR Photography]

20130602-328C0958-Edit-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. This gorgeous, amazing sky is what we had the pleasure of enjoying in our backyard. Literally… fire in the sky! I took this image with my Canon 5DMIII and my 100mm f2.8L macro lens in HDR mode on my camera. I LOVE the results!

Taking some time for me…

A decision I’ve tossed around for some time now, with my own health issues once again taking more priority in my life as well as my children’s I’ve made a very important decision. My kids are young, yet they are continuously at an awesome stage where we can go and do so much with them,Continue reading “Taking some time for me…”