That’s a wrap… for the Hockey Season!

Yesterday out little man and his team finished off their hockey season with a 3 game tournament. I missed his first game with lil miss having dance, but our lil family of 4 was at his 140 and 3pm games, after a wonderful after lunch nap hehe! I am SO proud of our lil guy,Continue reading “That’s a wrap… for the Hockey Season!”

My boys, love of hockey + life!

20121125-328C6633-Tykes2vsFleshertonPATS-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Love watching this little man grow, his love and passion for hockey growing with him and best of all the fun both he and his daddy have! The smile beaming from hubby’s face. Money doesn’t buy happiness and life isn’t perfect. Appreciating, living, loving our lifeContinue reading “My boys, love of hockey + life!”

Little man and his love of hockey | My little boy

I love my little man, he has the most awesome combination of his dad and I and loves hockey! I grew up with brothers who played hockey and I loved going to their games and cheering them on. I am thrilled our son was interested in hockey and being his 2nd year is enjoying itContinue reading “Little man and his love of hockey | My little boy”

When the little man got to play at the Guelph Storm Hockey game!

Our little man got to play with his hockey team at the Guelph storm last weekend – Im sure you can picture the excitement on his face knowing he would get to be with all his friends on the ice during intermission after those “BIG BOYS” were playing, with hundreds, if not thousands of peopleContinue reading “When the little man got to play at the Guelph Storm Hockey game!”