Mourning Family | Still Living

As we approach Mothers Day 2021, I am reminded of last year. Easter, spent alone and then Mother’s Day. I remember going to our parents house and saying how much I did NOT care what the Government was saying what we could and couldn’t do. My husband, kids and I stopped to see my MomContinue reading “Mourning Family | Still Living”

Mother’s Day 2020

A mothers day that will go down in history. Also one where I have such conflicting feelings. An abundance of love and compassion for the 2 beautiful children I have been gifted. Through the trials and tribulations of infertility they truly are my greatest gifts and best accomplishments in my life. My heart is alsoContinue reading “Mother’s Day 2020”

Embrace The Celebration That You Are!

Change can happen in so many ways – physical, emotional, our home, our lifestyle, learning, education, work and the list goes on and on… this mothers day became something more for me. My children came into our bedroom and told me I was to stay in bed and not get out! They took my breakfastContinue reading “Embrace The Celebration That You Are!”

Mothers Day Essential Oil Trio – Available For Purchase NOW!!!

Available NOW the Mothers Day Trio of Red Mandarin, Kumquat and Sunny Citrus are available for purchase!!! To purchase these oils please go here – you have the option of purchasing retail OR purchasing wholesale if you click on Join and Save! If you have any questions please reach out!   There is a new “line”Continue reading “Mothers Day Essential Oil Trio – Available For Purchase NOW!!!”

Mothers Day and Spring Apple Blossoms | May 2015

Mothers Day with my little family – we had a FABULOUS weekend together with each sides of our family. It was so wonderful, especially with the gorgeous weather! I am truly blessed. I couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend the weekend celebrating being a MOM! One of THE toughest jobs in the world,Continue reading “Mothers Day and Spring Apple Blossoms | May 2015”

Mothers Day magic moments… family!

I really do love any holiday because it means getting together with family. With the wonderful weather we were having… I didn’t take as many photos, however I did make a point to get some with my Littles, they change so much every year. I am so thankful we spent Mothers Day not only withContinue reading “Mothers Day magic moments… family!”

Happy Mothers Day… Moms, Gramas and Aunts!

Each and every year I feel more and more blessed. Our two children, literally miracles to us, especially for me as their mama! Having children has certainly given me an amazing appreciation for my own mom and my mother in law, watching us from above. Happy Mothers Day wishes for mom who is amazing notContinue reading “Happy Mothers Day… Moms, Gramas and Aunts!”

My life in photos… what a story they will tell!

Any event or fun thing we do in our family, I have some kind of photographic memory. My life truly is in photos, not only my life but our life – my own little family of 4 and any extended family get together. Sunday morning while prepping a Mother’s Day blog post, I went back throughContinue reading “My life in photos… what a story they will tell!”