Its the little things in life… and little peple

Yes life truly is about the little things… and the little people. Heck my life, at this point, revolves around two little people. Which somedays is both good and bad. Would I change it for any other way – NO that is without a doubt. Does it make life, interesting? Yes that is most certain.Continue reading “Its the little things in life… and little peple”

Little kid logic… its a wonderful thing!

Someday’s I look at these two little people and think wow, just how much is going on in your little heads. I love their logic, I love their reaction and how they figure things out. Its so innocent, so refreshing, so pure. This morning the little’s missed the bus, taking their time getting ready, unableContinue reading “Little kid logic… its a wonderful thing!”

A day for mama and the boy… Quality time at Storybook Park!

Thursday I took the day off work to spend it with my little man. I was joining his school class trip … to storybook park! It’s rare that mama gets alone time with her boy, as if daddy is home he loves to be by his side. We had a great day together! He is such aContinue reading “A day for mama and the boy… Quality time at Storybook Park!”

A new summer look! They’re growing up too fast…

These kids make me smile so much! Yeah everyday isn’t all rainbows and unicorns but it’s pretty fricken awesome! The boy was stoked to have daddy pick him up after school… It was hubby’s last day of school so they were both actually excited to have some time just for the boys. The miss andContinue reading “A new summer look! They’re growing up too fast…”

Happy Mothers Day ~ Love & Memories!

Happy Mothers Day! I am a mom to two of the most amazing children I have ever met and I am so very blessed to have them call me Mom, Mommy, Mama and yes at times they like to sneak in Pam. 😉 Each and every day they make life so much more fulfilling, funContinue reading “Happy Mothers Day ~ Love & Memories!”

Raising children… the next generation

Raising children… everyday it is a part of us, watching the new things they do or say, laughing at their pure innocence and child logic, listening to them explain and tell stories. Watching these feet grow, that started so tiny. As I sit here this early morning, in absolute silence in our house awaiting ourContinue reading “Raising children… the next generation”

“Im scared…”

As a parent Im sure many of us have heard this, especially when it comes to bedtime and kids just do not want to go to bed. Since moving our kids adjusted so much better than what we thought they would – very different layout than our previous home – which was the only homeContinue reading ““Im scared…””

Morning cuddles ~ family {time}

A wee glimpse into what our mornings are like for us on weekends – they rock all of us cuddled into our bed (thank goodness we bought a king size!) and lots of relaxing! This morning was no different, as usual kids get up watch some cartoons then come in to see us. I hadContinue reading “Morning cuddles ~ family {time}”