Sleepless night and headaches!

Being a mom, sleepless nights are something I am very familiar with. However as the kids get older any sleepless nights have become much lesser and much harder on me when they do happen ;). Anyone else? LOL! The other night one of our little’s didn’t sleep well and ended up in bed with us.Continue reading “Sleepless night and headaches!”

Where Do I Begin?

I get asked all the time – where do I begin? What would you recommend? Making any sort of change in life can be challenging especially when its something new! Especially as moms, why are we so hard on ourselves sometimes or why do we put our own self care as last on the list…Continue reading “Where Do I Begin?”

Do You Listen To Your Soul? | Essential Emotions 

I just got in from an amazing class tonight, taught by a doTERRA Sister who truly spoke from her heart about ‘Essential Emotions!’ What a heart felt, inspiring and empowering class!  So for tonight’s Diffuser Blend… I used my Essential Oil Plant Spirit Cards to select our bedtime diffuser blend. Amazing selection going by intuition!  CassiaContinue reading “Do You Listen To Your Soul? | Essential Emotions “

The Future with Essential Oils and Medicine!

I am SO excited for this… the future with Essential Oils and Medicine! For those of you who joined us at Convention last year, we had some exciting announcements and this year they are telling us Convention is going to be GROUND BREAKING!!! Ive personally had my own health positively impacted by removing synthetics andContinue reading “The Future with Essential Oils and Medicine!”

Why we are going to work together to build our dreams!

Why we are going to work together to build our dreams and thrive as a leaders on our team! My doTERRA Business is blossoming and I am feeling the natural shift in health and wellness to being empowered within our homes. To learn to trust in our own bodies and souls, there is a betterContinue reading “Why we are going to work together to build our dreams!”

Your Life As Art News | My Personal Development

As the kids are getting older and I am feeling much more healthier and energetic, I am now making my own personal development much more of a priority than ever before! This past weekend I received my doTERRA AromaTouch Training which was absolutely amazing. This technique uses 8 of our essential oils in a systematicContinue reading “Your Life As Art News | My Personal Development”

Essential Oil Safety and Application

As a mom it is important to me to ensure the choices I make for my children are safe for their health and well-being. This past weekend reminded me of just how solid my choice was and is when I chose doTERRA Essential Oils for our family two years ago! What I truly love aboutContinue reading “Essential Oil Safety and Application”