The Journey To The Destination

It may feel like a long road while you are travelling, until you reach the destination. Its then you realize, it wasn’t all about the destination, it was the journey of getting there. 💕🙏Pam Zmija It can at times be too easy to get wrapped up in how “long” a road may be. Which canContinue reading “The Journey To The Destination”

Oils & Emotions | Spikenard & Precious Florals

Tonight while my daughter and I were in the kitchen together I was telling her about the new oil kit that arrived! Which by the way, is amazing and will be on my bedside table! ✌I told her how some of my fav’s were in the kit… She asked me what oil I really don’tContinue reading “Oils & Emotions | Spikenard & Precious Florals”

Is This Real?

Yes, this is very real. It’s our current normal. Ive been getting much better at handling this emotionally. As hard as it can feel some days. I welcome the break, the free time in the evenings and weekends to get things done at home and relax. This has felt more surreal than real life. ForContinue reading “Is This Real?”

Just Breathe

On this gorgeous Friday evening I was sitting on my front porch with my dog, enjoying a drink in the sunshine. It’s so quiet. The odd vehicle goes by. Sure it is quieter than town, but as of lately, its eerily serene. As a true introvert I was completely welcoming of the slow down toContinue reading “Just Breathe”

The light!

The light!Sometimes it’s easy to see, when you get stuck in the darkness. When the light suddenly feels so good.That was today.The warming temperature, rain that smelled so fresh and the light!The beautiful evening light!My soul felt so recharged!Mercury was also doing something this week, it was a full moon and its Friday the 13th!Continue reading “The light!”

All The People

I can admit it with a great big happy heart that although I have times I can appear extroverted, I am 100% an introvert! Beautiful sunny day, my daughters birthday and we took a trip to the city to the mall and costco… Yes ALL.THE.PEOPLE! Don’t get me wrong, we had a great day, wonderfulContinue reading “All The People”

I Can’t Re-Heat Them | Pierogies

The other night we made home made pierogies! They were SO good. We have some more testing and tweaking to do, but for a formerly non-Baker this felt SO liberating! Having a unique digestive system, my hubby and I had to work together! Thankfully we make an awesome team in the kitchen. Could be becauseContinue reading “I Can’t Re-Heat Them | Pierogies”

Being Conscious About Mental Health

Mental health is a topic that is very near and dear to us. All of us have been touched by it to some degree, it’s our emotions, how we feel, processing those feelings and dealing with life. I am a big advocate for feeling your feelings. Slowing life down to honor your souls ability toContinue reading “Being Conscious About Mental Health”

Our Journey Is Unique | Mental Health

My girls 💕 Our Missy has been a part of our family for just over a month now. She has taught us even more patience and unconditional love. Welcoming a rescue kitty into our home has filled my heart with love, but also reminded that our journeys do not define us. Our sweet girl isContinue reading “Our Journey Is Unique | Mental Health”

Before Bedtime

Right before bedtime as I am getting ready to unwind, I take some time to reflect. I find this time so important, especially when there are outside factors that could be having an effect on me. How I spend my evening, greatly affects my sleep as well as the next morning. Let’s be real. OtherContinue reading “Before Bedtime”