Kids just wanna have fun… family fun with cousins!

Our kids love their family, they love spending time just as a family of 4 and as Madison says “I love it when our whole family gets together…” they are too cute! The past few weekends they have been lucky to get to see lots of their cousins and had a blast!!! SO many memoriesContinue reading “Kids just wanna have fun… family fun with cousins!”

When I hear this I think of you

When I hear this I think of you

The other evening while sitting outside with the kids by their playset (see previous pic) I beard this faint jingle, a jingle that will always be remembered of our dog Elwood, for days after he had passed I heard this jingle, always of 2 tags on his collar. When hubby, my dad and brother built the playset shortly after Elwood got a new collar, this is where his old one stayed. Even when we moved hubby made sure that when it was built the collar got put back on, we still had Elwood at this time.

Sitting there the other evening hearing this jingle brought me back so many memories and also reminded me that he is still always with us and watching over. The kids still talk of him and mention they miss him but that he’s up in heaven watching us.

While out there with the kids and Beck I had to take a moment to capture this piece of him. That will still always be a piece of us! Even if he was only here with us at this home for two days.

RIP Elwood… ❤

My life in photos… what a story they will tell!

Any event or fun thing we do in our family, I have some kind of photographic memory. My life truly is in photos, not only my life but our life – my own little family of 4 and any extended family get together. Sunday morning while prepping a Mother’s Day blog post, I went back throughContinue reading “My life in photos… what a story they will tell!”

Happy Mothers Day ~ Love & Memories!

Happy Mothers Day! I am a mom to two of the most amazing children I have ever met and I am so very blessed to have them call me Mom, Mommy, Mama and yes at times they like to sneak in Pam. 😉 Each and every day they make life so much more fulfilling, funContinue reading “Happy Mothers Day ~ Love & Memories!”

Natural serenity

20120408-328C0175-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Just looking at this photo brings a flood of memories, not only of my children but also from my childhood. Somewhere I feel at peace, relaxed, happy, content, both physically and mentally refreshed and enjoy time spent with loved ones family and friends. This is notContinue reading “Natural serenity”

Happy St Patricks Day!

We had a very fun St Patrick’s Day! I had a blast getting the camera out in the gorgeous sunshine and capturing our fun – well some of it. We shared an awesome evening outside enjoying this gorgeous weather! So much infact that come 8pm when our supper was ready – yummy bbq steak, salmon,Continue reading “Happy St Patricks Day!”

The High Road

The high road may be a lonely place at times, but its a far better life to live. I happened upon a photographer colleague’s post on Facebook and very relative to my post last night, this saying up above really hit home. Its so true in many aspects of life. What she also had inContinue reading “The High Road”

Life happens

Its hard to believe that its already the middle of February. We’ve recently just registered our youngest for Kindergarten this fall and our oldest will be venturing into the primary grades! Valentines Day for us is much like any other day, but of course as he does every year, my hubby sends me flowers. TheContinue reading “Life happens”

Happy Valentines Day My Love <3

A photo from our wedding day with a saying which was read by Aunt Patti. Hubby was just telling me how he loves sayings, quotes etc and their meaning and how awesome it would be for them to be on a photo which also holds a lot of meaning! This is his Valentines Day presentContinue reading “Happy Valentines Day My Love <3”