Happy 10th Anniversary To My Hubby… | Wedded Bliss, Real Life and Everything Inbetween

10 Years ago today my husband and I were wed. 10 amazing years ! Both good and bad, happy laughs and tears, new lives and deaths, buying and selling, raising two children, staying sane as individuals and connected as a couple, hard working and fun loving. We’ve been married for 10 freaking YEARS!!! WOW!!! AnContinue reading “Happy 10th Anniversary To My Hubby… | Wedded Bliss, Real Life and Everything Inbetween”

Celebrating our love | Anniversary Getaway

20121027-328C5940-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. In September we celebrated being married for 8 years!!! A true accomplishment! A work or art that is never complete. These weekend getaways that are so refreshing for us! Even if we miss our kids like crazy lol while thinking of those times we said weContinue reading “Celebrating our love | Anniversary Getaway”

8 years later… road of life and love!

Just the other day we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary together! Years later, our share of ups and downs, amazing life moments, love, saddness … its all held us together and with each passing day makes us and our marriage that much stronger! From man & woman, to husband & wife, to daddy & mommy…Continue reading “8 years later… road of life and love!”