The Power of Perspective

Yesterday late afternoon I was thinking about what a great day it had been. My daughter and I were SO productive accomplishing even more than what I had thought we could. Simply by doing it and not even thinking about it. Im a lists person and sometimes those damn lists can be the devil’s fuelContinue reading “The Power of Perspective”

Living In The Here & Now

I was standing here cooking dinner tonight with lots of random things going through my mind when it dawned on me. I am literally living what so many of us are told. Live in the here and now being grateful for those in our life and what we have, while planning and dreaming for yourContinue reading “Living In The Here & Now”

As we grow…

A great post for a Sunday, a day in which most of us spend with our family. I do and its a day I look forward to each week to just kick back and relax together with a lazy morning, coffee, late breakfast and time with those I love. I love these words, these wordsContinue reading “As we grow…”