There Is Always More Than Enough

I love home cooking! I also tend to begin to feel overwhelmed with the process, even before it begins! We had chicken out for dinner tonight. I hadn’t thought much about what to make with it, until I remembered my son had asked me to make chicken parm the other night. That night I cavedContinue reading “There Is Always More Than Enough”

Living Your Best Life

Are you ready to live your best life in 2018!? I invite you to invest in yourself this year with time and health. Gift yourself 30 days for YOU. I promise you can find time for yourself in your “busy” life. Would you commit to doing this for you? Would you join me as weContinue reading “Living Your Best Life”

It’s OK To Let It Go

It’s OK to let go, my son told my daughter.  We were sorting through their freshly cleaned laundry deciding what is staying and what would be donated.  My daughter is a lot like me, everything she is given holds sentimental value to her. It’s more challenging for her to let go.  I explained to ourContinue reading “It’s OK To Let It Go”