Blessings in Unexpected Places!

This evening I was putting my monthly doTERRA order away and reminded myself that I needed to top up my thyroid blend. With all the oils in our house one may think I’m on top of these things haha nope I’m just like everyone else 🤣, Squirrel 🐿! As I was grabbing the oils toContinue reading “Blessings in Unexpected Places!”

Deep Blue, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus & Mito2Max | March 2019

March 1st! Wow! It’s a special month in our household as its our daughters birthday! 🎂 We have some great specials for you this month! An absolute FAV… Deep Blue! It’s a rub AND oil promo! This means any 200PV order (you can stock up on various things you would buy anyway and rest assuredContinue reading “Deep Blue, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus & Mito2Max | March 2019”

Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Life | Lemongrass & White Fir

Do you feel like you need to cleanse ‘negative’ energy from you and or your home? The renovations continue so I feel like I need to neutralize the energy. I’m a “before and after” girl, the in-between has me actually feeling quite anxious.  3 drops each of Lemongrass and White Fir will cleanse the energy. Continue reading “Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Life | Lemongrass & White Fir”

Cypress and Lemongrass | doTERRA Day 1 BOGO

​Today’s BOGO’S!  Buy 1 Cypress Get 1 Lemongrass FREE!!!  Please connect with me if you need assistance ordering or need a wholesale membership!   To receive your shipping back in points be sure to ‘create a new LRP order’ to use for this week’s BOGO’S!!!  How to use these beautiful oils? Are you in myContinue reading “Cypress and Lemongrass | doTERRA Day 1 BOGO”