Winter Warmth | January 22, 2015

The kids and I were ready well before the bus was to arrive, the snow had lightly frosted the tree tips and the sky was a warm orange. After feeling in a bit of a photography rut (which just so happened to be after we returned from Cuba – a post of these photos toContinue reading “Winter Warmth | January 22, 2015”

First Snowfall of Winter 2012-2013 | Mount Forest

We woke up to a blanket of freshly fallen snow, which has continued to fall for most of the day! I’m not a cold loving person, but snow I am. If it’s here to stay great, I always feel cozy in the winter with a blanket of snow! The kids are excited for Santa –Continue reading “First Snowfall of Winter 2012-2013 | Mount Forest”

Depth of focus… open or closed?

I much prefer shooting wide open with my lens, meaning if the lens opens up to f1.2 (my fav indoor lens the CanonĀ 50L f1.2) or 2.8 (which are my other 3 lens) I will shoot wide. This provides a gorgeous bokeh (blurry area) to my photo. There are times that shooting with a more closedContinue reading “Depth of focus… open or closed?”