For MOM’s who need ENERGY & PEACE!

I love to present people with incredible value for their hard earned dollars. Especially those mom’s who are craving more energy and peace in their life! For any of my PCOS Moms or ADHD Mom’s… this is especially for YOU!!! This is such a great value to bring you with incredible savings. I will beContinue reading “For MOM’s who need ENERGY & PEACE!”

Our Family Dogs… Black, Chocolate & Yellow Labs

Growing up both my hubby and I had lab’s as our family pets. Since Hazel joined the family last spring we knew our next pup would be coming from the same place where mom and dad got not just Hazel but also Tara 8 years ago! Its so fun watching these pups grow up! OurContinue reading “Our Family Dogs… Black, Chocolate & Yellow Labs”