One of those days, when everything fits, or does it?

It doesn’t happen everyday, sometimes not every week, but you know that feeling when everything seems to just fit. That was my day today. Extra thankful that hubs was able to take our boy to hockey practice and then meet my family at the arena. A day where everyone woke up well rested, happy andContinue reading “One of those days, when everything fits, or does it?”

Happy Fathers Day !

We celebrated my dad and hubby with my parents and siblings on Friday evening with a BBQ and family – SO much fun! No matter what we do when we get together we always have a blast. The dogs played, the kids had fun and we all chatted and enjoyed great food! When hubby firstContinue reading “Happy Fathers Day !”

Remind Me…

Remind Me… This song holds a lot of meaning for my husband and I. Last year when it came out, he heard it and immediately related it to us, we’ve always loved each other, always been in love, however with the stresses of day to day life from the time we tried to grow ourContinue reading “Remind Me…”

11 years ago… the first day of the rest of our life together!

In a way it doesn’t feel like its been “so” long and yet in another way it feels like its been forever that we’ve know each other. I remember the weekend we met like it did happen yesterday, I never would have thought going to see my cousins car race in Conneticuit would end upContinue reading “11 years ago… the first day of the rest of our life together!”

The next generation of our family

20120430-20120429 kids sucker truck-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. The next generation of not only our family but also our family business. Our kids love going to the shop, our boy loves telling mommy just how amazing his daddy is and all the things he can do, I love hearing just howContinue reading “The next generation of our family”

Most important thing a father can do

20120406-328C0116-BW-most important thing a father can do, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. The most important thing a father can do for his children is love their mother <3For years I have been saving my favourite quotes I’ve read over the time and up until recently I have begun sharing these quotes byContinue reading “Most important thing a father can do”