Snowflakes. Beautiful. Natural. Winter Creation.

This morning there was a beautiful light fresh snowfall. While standing with my kids I noticed these amazing winter creations falling all over our coats and hats. Breathtakingly beautiful, master pieces, works of art, all created by nature. Simply amazing. My first shot at macro snowflakes. My personal fav

My Princess & Her Party! Celebrating our lil lady…

A week ago today we were celebrating our lil lady’s special day, her birthday! We had a blast, as did all of the girlies who were here 😉 So much fun. Hard to believe she is now 5, seriously where has the time gone. Welcome to our home as I share with you some ofContinue reading “My Princess & Her Party! Celebrating our lil lady…”

Happy Brithday To Our Sweet Princess! {5 years old!}

I cannot believe that 5 years ago today, at this exact time I had been up all night the previous night and was just finally starting to ease off of my baby high thinking I probably should get some rest. Dad had come down to the hospital and took hubs out for dinner – toContinue reading “Happy Brithday To Our Sweet Princess! {5 years old!}”

10 things I miss about life before kids | Today’s Parent

10 things I miss about life before kids | Today's Parent. Haha what a seriously funny and fitting thing to read the early morning of our daughters 5th birthday! I got a great laugh reading through these 10 things… in my own opinion 10 very exaggerated things. Having children does drastically change your life, inContinue reading “10 things I miss about life before kids | Today’s Parent”

One of those days, when everything fits, or does it?

It doesn’t happen everyday, sometimes not every week, but you know that feeling when everything seems to just fit. That was my day today. Extra thankful that hubs was able to take our boy to hockey practice and then meet my family at the arena. A day where everyone woke up well rested, happy andContinue reading “One of those days, when everything fits, or does it?”

Zmija Family Rules … A Happy Home

I have always loved the family rules sayings, came close to buying one yesterday, however the photographer in me wanted it custom to our family! Love… the order has been placed! I cannot wait to receive my canvas 🙂

Life lessons can be very hard… especially on the mama!

Our close family and friends know of certain struggles we’ve been having with our wee princess. Shes a very smart, gorgeous, stubborn, creative girl… perhaps I should place more emphasis on the STUBBORN part. (Would be great if I could say she gets that from her dad lol 😉 ) . Tonight was an eveningContinue reading “Life lessons can be very hard… especially on the mama!”

Slow and steady wins the race… and a little sunshine goes a long way!

Cleaning and decluttering are two very different things… more specifically paper clutter and kid clutter! I love a clean and organized home. Although some days with two very busy kids, an active (chewing) puppy and two working parents the pile of things “I just put there until I had time to do what I shouldContinue reading “Slow and steady wins the race… and a little sunshine goes a long way!”

8 years later… road of life and love!

Just the other day we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary together! Years later, our share of ups and downs, amazing life moments, love, saddness … its all held us together and with each passing day makes us and our marriage that much stronger! From man & woman, to husband & wife, to daddy & mommy…Continue reading “8 years later… road of life and love!”

Little kid logic… its a wonderful thing!

Someday’s I look at these two little people and think wow, just how much is going on in your little heads. I love their logic, I love their reaction and how they figure things out. Its so innocent, so refreshing, so pure. This morning the little’s missed the bus, taking their time getting ready, unableContinue reading “Little kid logic… its a wonderful thing!”