Under The Belief InfluenceĀ 

The dream that we’ve had for years began coming together today – and it feels AMAZING šŸ™‚ . Once a vision in my head, I can now feel and touch! Believing and knowing that we are deserving and are worth it. The past couple weeks have been heavy on me and I finally feel theContinue reading “Under The Belief InfluenceĀ “

Life Is What Happens When You Are Busy Making Plans

If there is one thing in life my hubby and I haveĀ learned onĀ this journey, its that lifeĀ is what happens whenĀ you are busy making plans! Ā  When we embarked on this whole home reno I was nervous, excited, optimistic, stressed but most of all keeping this vision in my mind of what we envisioned of creatingContinue reading “Life Is What Happens When You Are Busy Making Plans”

Hard work, Schooling … My Hubby

Today marks the end of 5 years of my hubby’s Electrical Construction Apprenticeship schooling! I am SO very proud of him. Working and going to school is no easy task, especially when schooling involved one day a week for 9 months… and I thought being pregnant for 9 months was long, times that by 4Continue reading “Hard work, Schooling … My Hubby”

Taking a step back, puts everything in perspective!

Having made the decision to focus more on my own personal enjoyment and satisfaction of my passion for photography has been amazing! Capturing our moments as a family and with our family and friends, more recently being reminded the true value and appreciation of family photography with the loss of a loved one. Finally gettingContinue reading “Taking a step back, puts everything in perspective!”

My kids have made me the mother I am!

One thing I have always known is that I wanted to meet the man of my dreams, someone who fit in our family just like he always belonged and who made me truly happy to raise children with! It was a long rough road to becoming a mother, to us becoming parents. We have aContinue reading “My kids have made me the mother I am!”

{Confessions} of a working mom…

More often I have read blogs written by stay at home moms. I am not. I work full time. I am married with two children, a dog, cat and a bird. I have never wanted to be a stay at home mom. Ever. I enjoyed my time with my kids during both maternity leaves (bothContinue reading “{Confessions} of a working mom…”

The value of hard work

I am feeling very blessed right now! Very blessed not only as a wife and mom but tonight also as a photographer šŸ™‚ Tonight hubby came home with my brand spankin new Canon 5D Mark III!!! I seriously have been working hard, saving, paid off our debt and saving for our future for years forContinue reading “The value of hard work”