Expand Your Health In June with Pam and doTERRA! 

A lot happens in June especially for children and parents… the end of the school year, beginning of Summer! A new routine and much more time outside 🌞!  Expand your health this June with Pam and doTERRA! Since your routines are adjusting anyway, get a jump start on boosting up the kids (and your) immuneContinue reading “Expand Your Health In June with Pam and doTERRA! “

Natural Hair Care with Essential Oils

I’m not one to wear perfumes, but I have been pleasantly surprised with how wonderful these hair products have smelled. Maybe I’m just allowing it because of the results I have seen, who knows?  Two great recipes are the Dry Shampoo and the Beach Wave Salt Spray. Thankfully, my get-ready time is not so scaryContinue reading “Natural Hair Care with Essential Oils”