Bedtime Blend | Sleep Diffuser Blend

Honoring my intuition, I beautifully selected our bedtime blend intuitively as well. As I walked over to the rack, I thought of the evening blend that we were still enjoying in the main living areas of our home. As I stood in front of the rack, I could not think of the oils from thatContinue reading “Bedtime Blend | Sleep Diffuser Blend”

Cilantro, Peace and Thyme | Sleep Diffuser Blend

Check out this combination for a diffuser blend! Its not what I would call a typical ‘sleep’ diffuser blend, is it!? I used the Essential Oil Cards Plant Spirit App for my bedtime diffuser blend last night – Incredible sleep! The Emotional meaning behind each oil is incredible! Cilantro, Time To Pollinate. Affirmation: It’s timeContinue reading “Cilantro, Peace and Thyme | Sleep Diffuser Blend”

Quality and Quantity Matter When Attempting to Sleep

Quality and Quantity Matter When Attempting to Sleep Forty-five percent of people said that poor or insufficient sleep affected their daily activities at least once in the past seven days, according to the National Sleep Foundation’s inaugural Sleep Health Index™. If you are part of this statistics, there is a better way and Essential OilsContinue reading “Quality and Quantity Matter When Attempting to Sleep”