You’ll find me on the couch!

…After I completed 6,000 steps at the arena! While the kids and I were at the arena, hubby got back at the old kitchen demo! The rest of the bottom cupboards are on their way out! I however… am on the couch! LOL I am completely ok admitting I don’t do well with the demoContinue reading “You’ll find me on the couch!”

Gym “virgin” no more… I finally joined Saugeen Fitness & Spa!

Well with many thanks to my mom pushing me I have officially joined the gym… I have always had this fear of gyms, yes I know crazy right, well I’m not a cardio lover and I don’t like to feel like I’m on display either, especilaly when dripping in sweat. So one day early thisContinue reading “Gym “virgin” no more… I finally joined Saugeen Fitness & Spa!”