Super Full Moon in Scorpio | April 26, 2021

As an empath, I feel the energy of my surroundings strongly. Especially working with others, whether in person, over the phone or email. There is an energetic exchange. Thankfully 99% of those exchanges are positive experiences, albeit still I truly see the benefits to solidifying a beautiful morning routine block to ground myself heading intoContinue reading “Super Full Moon in Scorpio | April 26, 2021”

Full Moon In Virgo | Diffuser Blend

On the day of the Full Moon In Virgo, our diffuser blend is high vibe energy. With averting, protected space, physicality, zest for life, love and trust, honoring the body, and spiritual. 💧 Citronella 💧 Lemon Eucalyptus 💧 Patchouli 💧💧 Lime 💧 Geranium 💧💧 Grapefruit 💧💧 Roman Chamomile Trusting my intuition, feeling inspired by AdamContinue reading “Full Moon In Virgo | Diffuser Blend”