Rescue Kitty Life

We were so fortunate to find our little missy through a local pet rescue. When I was growing up, my grama used to help stray cats. In fact many of her own house cats were ones she rescued off the back deck. My sister and I enjoyed helping her with them, especially socializing them! AtContinue reading “Rescue Kitty Life”

Seasons of life

It feels like this winter we have experienced all our Canadian seasons in just these few months! Alas it has been like within our home as well! As we have begun the “next season” aka major phase! I had a visit with my chiropractor friend today and even she felt how tense my shoulders andContinue reading “Seasons of life”

Listening to myself | The buffet weekend

Embracing my entire life – all the good and bad – one thing that I loved doing when I was younger was writing. Even simply in a journal, or poetry about my life and emotions. A part of me, I lost in my later high school years and have only begun to recently find again.Continue reading “Listening to myself | The buffet weekend”

The most important work is…

It’s funny the things that make you giddy excited when you are an adult 😉 All summer we’ve been looking at various couches, pricing, fabric, location, layout etc. After the flood we had not just one sectional to replace, we had two. Long story short, when we began the basement renos (the first time), weContinue reading “The most important work is…”

The light at the end of the tunnel

Anyone who has lived through home renovations will know exactly how this feels… to finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel! To say Ive been thankful for my essential oils and Reiki during this time, would quite honestly be an understatement 😉 Its been a busy year of basement reno’sContinue reading “The light at the end of the tunnel”