Unconditional Love | 2020 Closing

I listened to a podcast this morning that helped shift into my 2020 closing mindset. Yesterday, I was poorly focused on certain government decisions and “rules for thee but not me”. However I knew, as I felt resistance in my writing, that this was not how I was meant to close 2020. This morning inContinue reading “Unconditional Love | 2020 Closing”

Focused Motivated Vision Diffuser Blend 

Last night’s diffuser blend was amazing ! my app selected for me Motivate, Lemon and Clary Sage. Another amazing, solid sleep waking just before my alarm went off đŸ˜‰  Motivate – Encouraging Blend  Motivate is the Oil of Motivation. This blend assists individuals who need encouragement, who have been stagnant and need fired into action.Continue reading “Focused Motivated Vision Diffuser Blend “

Depth of focus… open or closed?

I much prefer shooting wide open with my lens, meaning if the lens opens up to f1.2 (my fav indoor lens the Canon 50L f1.2) or 2.8 (which are my other 3 lens) I will shoot wide. This provides a gorgeous bokeh (blurry area) to my photo. There are times that shooting with a more closedContinue reading “Depth of focus… open or closed?”