Canadian Winter | Snowmobiling

What better thing to do this weekend, especially Saturday… 🙌 🇨🇦 If you are new here I am VERY much for empowered Holistic health care and living. I truly follow my intuition and have been able to shift my mental and physical health in ways I have never previously been able to. I support everyone’sContinue reading “Canadian Winter | Snowmobiling”

Supporting Kids with Big Emotions

Our little man, who really isn’t so “little” anymore haha was struggling with overwhelm and emotions last night. We just let him be and have his space with quiet time in his room. With big emotions, we have found this is the best option – to offer space and support when ready. I went inContinue reading “Supporting Kids with Big Emotions”

Listening to myself | The buffet weekend

Embracing my entire life – all the good and bad – one thing that I loved doing when I was younger was writing. Even simply in a journal, or poetry about my life and emotions. A part of me, I lost in my later high school years and have only begun to recently find again.Continue reading “Listening to myself | The buffet weekend”

Is It Time For A Change?

Have you experienced illness in your family or are just tired of feeling unmotivated, blah and tired all the time? If you are ready for a change, if you feel that a change is necessary but don’t know where to start… I was too! We all lead such busy lives, many always on the go,Continue reading “Is It Time For A Change?”

Darkness and Ice in April

I was up a little earlier listening to the wind whistling and whipping around, ice hitting the windows and deck, and then all was silent. Soon our room was filled with little voices who were woken up by pure darkness… *insert sarcastic mommy face here* So we all slept until about 630 when the kidsContinue reading “Darkness and Ice in April”

Our Christmas Celebration(s)!

Our Christmas celebration began Saturday, and ended boxing day. Yes 5 straight days of family, food and fun! It was so much fun, so wonderful to see the family we did and the food was amazing! Our kids are so very blessed. I feel so very blessed for the time our children had with ourContinue reading “Our Christmas Celebration(s)!”

Mount Forest Fireworks Festival

This past weekend we attended the Mount Forest Fireworks Festival. Kudos to the committee and everyone who helped in any way… What a great time! Kids having an amazing time! The main street was packed with a gorgeous car show and hundreds of people! Val the clown! What a fabulous time!!! Cannot wait for nextContinue reading “Mount Forest Fireworks Festival”

Water babies in May!

20120506-328C0870-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Love this photo for the obvious, its our kids, but also for the scenic landscape view of the sand, sky and water. The cottage is a favourite place of mine and always will be. First a fav of mine, then my husband’s, our children, our familyContinue reading “Water babies in May!”