Do you or someone you love have ADHD?

If you or someone you love has ADHD this campaign will be of interest to you! Take a few moments to check out their anonymous survey in the link below! This October, during ADHD Awareness Month, CADDAC is launching our “ADHD in Education Awareness/Advocacy Campaign” to draw greater attention to the inequities students with ADHDContinue reading “Do you or someone you love have ADHD?”

SpŌIL Yourself With doTERRA

I have a unique opportunity for YOU to experience 5 days of doTERRA Essential Oils and Natural Health Products absolutely FREE ! I’m looking for 10 people, who are NOT already using dōTERRA or working with a Wellness Advocate, so I can SpŌil them with five days of dōTERRA essential oils and products! This willContinue reading “SpŌIL Yourself With doTERRA”

Life lessons can be very hard… especially on the mama!

Our close family and friends know of certain struggles we’ve been having with our wee princess. Shes a very smart, gorgeous, stubborn, creative girl… perhaps I should place more emphasis on the STUBBORN part. (Would be great if I could say she gets that from her dad lol 😉 ) . Tonight was an eveningContinue reading “Life lessons can be very hard… especially on the mama!”

One day I’m gonna miss this…

Having two kids so very close in age can one minute be so much fun and the next a headache, but all in all they are such a blessing. I did however find myself saying this morning, yes one day I’m going to miss this. LOL although this morning it was said with a veryContinue reading “One day I’m gonna miss this…”