Mount Forest Fireworks Festival | 2015

My family and I had planned for months to go to the Mount Forest Fireworks Festival and when the day came we were in the midst of a major heat wave! We met up with my sister and took the kids downtown through the car show and out to the midway on cork street. ItContinue reading “Mount Forest Fireworks Festival | 2015”

Summer fun in the sand and water! | Our Summer – August 2014

We had a blast this summer! So much fun with family and friends. August began with a family shower for our extended family, welcome to the “family” Ameila and many years of happiness for you and Mitch! XO Thanks mom for taking this! For many years I was always the one behind the lens, rarelyContinue reading “Summer fun in the sand and water! | Our Summer – August 2014”

Summer fun in the sand and water! | Our Summer – July 2014

My blog has been slightly ignored this summer with all the fun exciting things we had going on. Now that the kids are back in school, hockey begins this weekend and fall is in the air we are re-familiarizing our selves with the inside duties of home and enjoying this weekend as our wee familyContinue reading “Summer fun in the sand and water! | Our Summer – July 2014”

Everyone Loves Marineland! | Our family vacation

We took our kids to Marineland and the kids, no we ALL had a blast!!! It was so much fun!!! A Lot more photos to come of the outstanding dolphin, seal and beluga whale show as well as our own fun by the falls! Even the littlest moments, turn into cherished memories ❤ I loveContinue reading “Everyone Loves Marineland! | Our family vacation”

Kids just wanna have fun… family fun with cousins!

Our kids love their family, they love spending time just as a family of 4 and as Madison says “I love it when our whole family gets together…” they are too cute! The past few weekends they have been lucky to get to see lots of their cousins and had a blast!!! SO many memoriesContinue reading “Kids just wanna have fun… family fun with cousins!”

Planning for a princess party!

It’s almost hard to believe that our little girl’s 5th birthday is coming to up!!! It’s huge excitement in our house and I’m actually ahead in my planning this year 😉 Lots of pink princess decorations have been bought, a few more to still pick up, very excited to meet some of her new schoolContinue reading “Planning for a princess party!”

The true meaning of Christmas… Family!

The true meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with gifts and everything to do with family and loved ones. I had the honor of photographing a past clients new baby, to celebrate Christmas 2012 as their own family with their extended family. While editing their images my heart is so warm and full thinkingContinue reading “The true meaning of Christmas… Family!”

Life lessons can be very hard… especially on the mama!

Our close family and friends know of certain struggles we’ve been having with our wee princess. Shes a very smart, gorgeous, stubborn, creative girl… perhaps I should place more emphasis on the STUBBORN part. (Would be great if I could say she gets that from her dad lol 😉 ) . Tonight was an eveningContinue reading “Life lessons can be very hard… especially on the mama!”

Its a Jeep thing…

Its a Jeep thing! Sure don’t want to sound like Im bragging, I know Ive talked about it alot LOL, nothin like that, I just really reaaaally love my Jeep! This above pic was when my girl and I left the boys and went on a tour of our own. Will have to get theContinue reading “Its a Jeep thing…”

It really does not take much

This weekend we had work commitments that kept us close to home and in this heat it would have been the perfect weekend at the beach, however you know what we had just as much fun! Great time together as a family and also catching up with both new and “old” but great, friends!  WeContinue reading “It really does not take much”