Fall Essentials with Pam – Online Class

Pam Zmija, a local health and wellness advocate, is hosting “Fall Essentials” on Saturday November 4th at 9pm with the goal of teaching people how to stay safe and healthy this Fall with Essential Oils. “One of the greatest times of year to incorporate essential oils into your life is Autumn because of the variousContinue reading “Fall Essentials with Pam – Online Class”

Autumn-atic Rewards with doTERRA Canada | October 2016

I am LOVING this promo being offered by doTERRA for October! Enroll in October with a 100PV, place a 100PV Loyalty Rewards Product Order in November and receive 100 Points FREE!!! Thats equivalent to $100 in products FREE! Why do I think this is amazing? Because thats like $100 free to use on products youContinue reading “Autumn-atic Rewards with doTERRA Canada | October 2016”

Motivate, Freshen Up & Energize Your FALL | October 2016

​I am SO excited to share with you the promotions for October!  Check them out below and if you have any questions OR would like to enroll with a wholesale membership please connect with me via email, PM, phone or text! I am SO excited for what is available to you this month to helpContinue reading “Motivate, Freshen Up & Energize Your FALL | October 2016”

Meatloaf Mania & Fall Weeds

This morning while driving to work I was almost drooling over the light and the gorgeous fall weeds! Yes weeds, you know that you see driving down the road in gorgeous fall colours of deep green, yellow, purple, reds. My latest Essential OIls order arrived – YAY! Its like Christmas every month. This month IContinue reading “Meatloaf Mania & Fall Weeds”

Fall Colour Love | Appreciate where you’ve come from, for it will shape you for where you are going.

I always feel so much more inspired when we have Camera Club. I was leaving work last night and after a very dark dreary day, the sun found its way through the clouds. It was a very soft light, but with the fall colours and almost mist like look it was beautiful! As I wasContinue reading “Fall Colour Love | Appreciate where you’ve come from, for it will shape you for where you are going.”

Bring back Fall!

20121001-328C5065-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. I just love fall, gorgeous warm sunlight, vibrant colours, cool crisp evening air… Which this year was very short lived, and now the rain we missed out on during the summer is gracing our daily lives with showers. The beauty of Fall was just beginning, aContinue reading “Bring back Fall!”

Summer (fun) lovin into fabulous (responsible) fall!

Ive always love being busy, love having a to-do list, however with my hours being re-arranged with back to school and new work responsibilities (that Im loving) Im slowly but surely fitting into this adjusted role of a fulltime working mom while still enjoying my photography as well (my sanity saver lol). Summer is suchContinue reading “Summer (fun) lovin into fabulous (responsible) fall!”