Satisfaction in Life

Its the small daily habits that begin to form our day, our evening and our nights. I have always considered myself a night hawk, loved staying up late and sleeping in the next day. Until I became a mother. Which was honestly a dream come true. I, however don’t think I completely realized just howContinue reading “Satisfaction in Life”

Welcome Fall

My husband and I went on a Fall colours tour this afternoon🍁🍂 I am so grateful for this warm fall weather to continue enjoying the nature! As fall transitions, it’s a reminder for us to check our healthy habits. Over the summer it’s easy to let things slide. I also take a lot of photosContinue reading “Welcome Fall”

Blessings & Gratitude | Happy Thanksgiving 2016

This Thanksgiving, much like all others, I love taking some time alone to reflect on the past year and get out with my camera and enjoy the beautiful community we are so blessed to live in! I shared a personal story on Facebook this weekend and I am also going to share it here inContinue reading “Blessings & Gratitude | Happy Thanksgiving 2016”

Worldwide Photowalk 2014 | Elora & Farm Land Wellington North

Today is the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk and I attended the walk in Elora with some other camera club members and then had a blast touring home capturing some of this gorgeous fall weather we are having! There really should be a warning sign like there is on garbage trucks for photographers… “Makes frequent suddenContinue reading “Worldwide Photowalk 2014 | Elora & Farm Land Wellington North”

Fall Colour Love | Appreciate where you’ve come from, for it will shape you for where you are going.

I always feel so much more inspired when we have Camera Club. I was leaving work last night and after a very dark dreary day, the sun found its way through the clouds. It was a very soft light, but with the fall colours and almost mist like look it was beautiful! As I wasContinue reading “Fall Colour Love | Appreciate where you’ve come from, for it will shape you for where you are going.”

Gorgeous Fall Colours | Wellington North

Today I had the opportunity to take photos within our community for Doors Open Wellington North.  While out on our tour – I had my daughter Madison as my assistant with me – we enjoyed touring the back roads and enjoying the warm, fresh fall breeze and the gorgeous fall colours! I love fall andContinue reading “Gorgeous Fall Colours | Wellington North”

Autumn Has Arried | My favourite time of year!

Its the first full day of fall and wow, we were just spoiled with the warm gorgeous sunshine!!! My girl and I took the dog for a walk early evening to soak up some vitamin D! I absolutely adore the flowers and scenery of fall, especially wild flowers and weeds – yes they are beautifulContinue reading “Autumn Has Arried | My favourite time of year!”

Bring back Fall!

20121001-328C5065-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. I just love fall, gorgeous warm sunlight, vibrant colours, cool crisp evening air… Which this year was very short lived, and now the rain we missed out on during the summer is gracing our daily lives with showers. The beauty of Fall was just beginning, aContinue reading “Bring back Fall!”

Happy Anniversary & Supporting Minor Hockey!

Thursday we had the pleasure of representing JJ McLellan & Son and golfing in the Mount Forest Minor Hockey Golf Tournament to raise money for the league! We had a BLAST! I haven’t been golfing in 4 years, we went for my birthday with my brother and sister in law and it was hilariously fun,Continue reading “Happy Anniversary & Supporting Minor Hockey!”