The FIRST Day Of School | Back To School 2015

  Well today was the day, I feel like we were lucky and had an extra week of “summer break” and a fabulous end to summer holidays with a wicked hot weekend! Lucky for us we got to spend it with a whole lot of family at our family cottage swimming in the water andContinue reading “The FIRST Day Of School | Back To School 2015”

Dog Days of Summer | August 28, 2015

This summer is flying by, soon the kids will be back to school and the cool fall evenings upon us – I just LOVE Fall! The colours, the temperatures… its my favourite season! Even though the summer is flying by… we have had SO much fun! Fun with our family, friends and especially our littleContinue reading “Dog Days of Summer | August 28, 2015”

Why I needed a mom vacation… | Beach Vacation

Well first off Im going to say its not just about being a mom. Yes being a mom is the majority of my life. I was a wife before I was a mom. 51 weeks of the year we are 100% mom and dad THEN husband and wife… in what little time is left. MyContinue reading “Why I needed a mom vacation… | Beach Vacation”

Waterfall Nature Walk | May 4, 2015

I had the opportunity the other day to have a couple hours completely to myself later in the afternoon. I took a walk and found a couple gorgeous falls – it was so extremely peaceful, quiet and tranquil. I felt completely refreshed and inspired. The entire drive there the rain was falling, until I arrivedContinue reading “Waterfall Nature Walk | May 4, 2015”

Welcome Spring – Healthy Oils Summit | Essential Oils

With this beautiful Spring weather I know I am not the only one who has been eager to get started on all our Spring projects. The difference between this year and last… I am FEELING Eager AND have the ENERGY to do it! Which for me is huge. As a woman, for my own healthContinue reading “Welcome Spring – Healthy Oils Summit | Essential Oils”

Lifestyle Changes and Appreciation

The other day I was given a compliment that I was very happy to hear and also meant a great deal to me. This compliment also made me think, about my life and our recent lifestyle changes. What it came down to is I feel better, I feel healthier and I’ve rid my body ofContinue reading “Lifestyle Changes and Appreciation”

Our Journey For Better Health | doTERRA Essential Oils

As many of you know, I have recently began sharing about my newest passion… doTERRA Essential Oils. Ironically enough this truly felt like a natural addition to our life at home and in my office. I grew up within our Plumbing and Heating business where we pride ourselves on being “The Home Comfort People!”, theContinue reading “Our Journey For Better Health | doTERRA Essential Oils”