Generational Wisdom | Diffuser Blend

Today’s blend was intuitively selected, starting with two bases I wanted to use to direct our day… Truth and Manifestation! Manifestation, emotionally is within Litsea a powerful oil that is newer to our market, unique and smells bright and fresh. The meaning behind this oil from the Essential Emotions app is: “Litsea is a powerfulContinue reading “Generational Wisdom | Diffuser Blend”

Supporting Kids with Big Emotions

Our little man, who really isn’t so “little” anymore haha was struggling with overwhelm and emotions last night. We just let him be and have his space with quiet time in his room. With big emotions, we have found this is the best option – to offer space and support when ready. I went inContinue reading “Supporting Kids with Big Emotions”

Savour Life and Return to Love | doTERRA Black Pepper & Basil

After hearing some very heart breaking news today, this evening I asked The Spirit Plant Essential Oil Cards which 2 oils I should use in the diffuser. I found this incredible which two oils were suggested. So tonight while enjoying this diffuser blend I wanted to share this with you. A reminder to truly openContinue reading “Savour Life and Return to Love | doTERRA Black Pepper & Basil”

Empowered Femininity | doTERRA Diffuser Blend

My evening oils consisted of Women’s Blend, Wintergreen, Ginger and Calming Blend – Serenity. I used the Spirit Plant Cards ap and their “My reading” option. I then read in the Emotions and Essential Oils resource book. Women ‘s Blend is The Oil of Femininity. This blend supports a woman with feeling kind, accepted, teachableContinue reading “Empowered Femininity | doTERRA Diffuser Blend”

Juicy Rosemary Basil BBQ Chicken & Optimistic Diffuser Blends

I started my day with a beautiful diffuser blend of Douglas Fir and Bergamot. Bergamot is a gorgeous citrus oil which is known as The Oil of Self Acceptance with positive properties of Optimism, Confidence, Hopeful and Loveable. The positive properties of Douglas Fir which was resonating with me this morning and to strengthen myContinue reading “Juicy Rosemary Basil BBQ Chicken & Optimistic Diffuser Blends”

doTERRA Spearmint & Tangerine | Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

When I first received these beautiful oils last summer we made a diffuser blend of Spearmint and Tangerine… Its like summer sunshine in the house!!! Spearmint is known of The Oil of Confident Speech. The positive emotional properties are confidence, articulate speech, clarity and courage. Tangerine is known of The Oil of Cheer and Creativity.Continue reading “doTERRA Spearmint & Tangerine | Essential Oil Diffuser Blend”

doTERRA Lime and Marjoram | Emotions and Health

A beautiful mentor recently told me to truly trust myself and my intuition. I LOVE my Emotions and Essential Oils book I have enjoyed so many different diffuser blends Tonight I literally flipped through the book and the pages it landed on were the oils I would use. Tonight I decided on the left pageContinue reading “doTERRA Lime and Marjoram | Emotions and Health”

Seasonal Discomfort got you down? | Birds & The Bee’s in Springtime

Amazing weather… but for some it makes them literally want to scratch their eyes out!   Seasonal discomfort got you down? The birds and bee’s can do their thing and you can still enjoy the beautiful weather too!   A unique equal blend of Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender to help soothe any seasonal discomforts soContinue reading “Seasonal Discomfort got you down? | Birds & The Bee’s in Springtime”


These past few months we have been working on renovating our basement – all while living our day to day life. Step by step it has proven to us just how important this was to begin. However as you can imagine with two kids and a busy family… lets be real its a lot moreContinue reading “Believe”

Invigorating, Uplifting & Calming| Wild Orange Essential Oil

When I was first introduced to Essential Oils, I remember thinking what I earth would I do with all of those oils? Wild Orange was one of them! It is now part of my absolute favourite diffuser blend at night… Lavender and Wild Orange! I wake up feeling so relaxed and refreshed! Dark and drearyContinue reading “Invigorating, Uplifting & Calming| Wild Orange Essential Oil”