Healthcare Starts At Home

Our kids have been my biggest push, in so many ways. The most memorable has been for my health. I was reminded of this tonight when I had holistic treatment requests from both of them. What originally was trying to figure out how to cook the chicken for dinner, it shifted into a holistic treatmentContinue reading “Healthcare Starts At Home”

My Special Deal For You! | March BOGO

Not only is Spring coming, but so is the BOGO BOX AVAILABLE MARCH 16TH!!! Links to order at the bottom of this post! UPDATE MAR 18 THE BOGO BOX IS 75% SOLD OUT!!! Congratulations to everyone who is receiving this outstanding deal! What does this mean… buy 6 oils and get 7 FOR FREE! WhyContinue reading “My Special Deal For You! | March BOGO”

Respect To Others

Someone recently said to me, “oh you wouldn’t be able to go in, you’d have to sit outside and we would throw you morsels of food”… Yup, haven’t and will not be getting the C Jab, however that shouldn’t matter to anyone else… yet it does… to many!? I simply replied that the “passport” wasContinue reading “Respect To Others”

Covid-19 Lockdown Harming Health More Than Its Helping

Take 5 min and read this article… COVID-19 LOCKDOWN IS NOW HARMING HEALTH MORE THAN ITS HELPING Just one snipit…“…And two months in, we are at a stage where the harm from lockdown is starting to look like it is going to be greater than the harm from COVID…” Yet we are 3 months in…Continue reading “Covid-19 Lockdown Harming Health More Than Its Helping”