Heart Felt Connection

Recently I re-connected with friends I haven’t “seen” in a bit… while catching up my heart sank. I truly am grateful for their friendship, for our heart felt connection and also their honesty. Of the real struggle it’s been, especially with mental health, being parents and for the children. My heart, as a parent, alsoContinue reading “Heart Felt Connection”

Empowered Healthcare is Key Right Now!

Now more than ever its crucial for every single person to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. Empowered Holistic Healthcare. I’ve got an invitation for you below the post! šŸ„° Long term health care employees are being fired for their medical choices. This should really make one question, first off WHY?! If this manyContinue reading “Empowered Healthcare is Key Right Now!”

Always Trust Your Gut

Always trust your gut, even if a medical professional tells you otherwise. This week, yes its only Thursday early morning – Ive been up since 5am, we have had two strong reminders of this. If I was honest, it was actually both in less than 24 hours. Two years ago at my last eye appointment,Continue reading “Always Trust Your Gut”