Generational Wisdom | Diffuser Blend

Today’s blend was intuitively selected, starting with two bases I wanted to use to direct our day… Truth and Manifestation! Manifestation, emotionally is within Litsea a powerful oil that is newer to our market, unique and smells bright and fresh. The meaning behind this oil from the Essential Emotions app is: “Litsea is a powerfulContinue reading “Generational Wisdom | Diffuser Blend”

Buy 1 Douglas Fir Get 1 Lime FREE | Day 4 doTERRA BOGO

Today only! Buy a 5mL Douglas Fir and Get a 15mL Lime FREE, from both the Canada warehouse and the US warehouse! Remember that BOGOs are While Supplies Last from the Canada warehouse! I absolutely LOVE both of these oils! Especially in the diffuser together with Wild Orange for a very fresh and uplifting scent!Continue reading “Buy 1 Douglas Fir Get 1 Lime FREE | Day 4 doTERRA BOGO”

DoTERRA Douglas Fir and White Fir | Today’s BOGO’S 

I simply love both of these oils in the diffuser! Simply amazing, grounding and fresh!  Today only if you order one Douglas Fir, receive one White Fir FREE!!! I simply love this opportunity to expand our oil collection or stock up on oils we love 😉 How to use these beautiful oils? Are you inContinue reading “DoTERRA Douglas Fir and White Fir | Today’s BOGO’S “