Is anything missing from your life?

Do you have an interest in making a positive change in your life? Would you love if you had more energy, felt more at peace and was less stressed? Would you be open to learning something new or sharing with others? My doTERRA Essential Oil business is growing and I am looking for like minded,Continue reading “Is anything missing from your life?”

doTERRA Regional Conference | Toronto April 28-29

Mark your calendars! Toronto, ON Canada | April 28–29, 2017 Make Plans for Toronto! Join us in Toronto to be educated and inspired to create an abundant life of wellness. Learn from top leaders, company executives and medical community members during this day and a half training event. I would LOVE for you to comeContinue reading “doTERRA Regional Conference | Toronto April 28-29”

Introducing Your doTERRA Silver Leader!!! | Life Changes, Goals and Empowerment!

What a week – honestly! February was a whirlwind month and I am so incredibly grateful. I have been working at my doTERRA Business with some pretty incredible people, empowering them in their own homes to care for a variety of health and wellness needs while also making some massive strides in my own health!Continue reading “Introducing Your doTERRA Silver Leader!!! | Life Changes, Goals and Empowerment!”

Why we are going to work together to build our dreams!

Why we are going to work together to build our dreams and thrive as a leaders on our team! My doTERRA Business is blossoming and I am feeling the natural shift in health and wellness to being empowered within our homes. To learn to trust in our own bodies and souls, there is a betterContinue reading “Why we are going to work together to build our dreams!”

Canada Day Congratulations! | Deanna is Elite!!!

I am SO excited to announce that Deanna Wick Glazema had an amazing June, sharing these wonderful gifts of the earth with so many more, empowering and strengthening. Deanna and I are similar, we both have small business experience, those small businesses are very much relationship based, we are moms and we are growing togetherContinue reading “Canada Day Congratulations! | Deanna is Elite!!!”

Building a doTERRA Business | The basics with Pam

What does it mean to be a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Build a Business? As many do with doTERRA, I began as a User. I wanted to learn about the products and the basics of ‘what are essential oils’. I soon fell in love having committed to truly giving the oils a fair shot. ThisContinue reading “Building a doTERRA Business | The basics with Pam”