“…After a hurricane comes a rainbow…” no pain, no gain!

I am not the best person to deal with a “hurricane” … For me this past weekend and what has been a significant to part of my life (again) for the past few weeks is pain. Pain that is not fun to deal with. As someone who is very independent, this pain can in itsContinue reading ““…After a hurricane comes a rainbow…” no pain, no gain!”

Week 3 With Jillian Michaels Begins…

Monday week 3 with Jillian and her 90 day body revolution began… I am seriously loving these workout dvd’s and am feeling more and more motivated everyday! Biggest things I’m noticing is my energy is getting so much more plentiful, cravings are so much lesser and even my appetite as a whole! Its amazing. IContinue reading “Week 3 With Jillian Michaels Begins…”

Getting In Shape… Getting started is half the battle!

Exercise and I have never really gotten along well, part of the reason is all my health issues over the years that have made me face daily pain etc. A year ago, just over actually I took the major step to take care of the majority of this pain and although I do still haveContinue reading “Getting In Shape… Getting started is half the battle!”