Productivity and Rest ~ Food for the Soul

The day before the work week begins is an important day for me. Its a day where I reset and get ready for the week ahead. A day where I feel best spent it accomplishing at least one task, enjoying some family time and some relaxing down time. I love how I feel and howContinue reading “Productivity and Rest ~ Food for the Soul”

Getaway at the Cottage | My Family

This past long weekend my family and I took an extra long weekend and enjoyed a couple days just the four of us before our family and friends joined us on Friday! What a fantastic weekend – the company, weather, water, food, drinks… just fabulous! Hope you had a great weekend as well with yourContinue reading “Getaway at the Cottage | My Family”

Beach Bird Life On Lake Huron | Port Elgin

Cottage Life… sunrise and sunset with the beautiful birds on the water. Although these birds are quite beautiful and a pleasure to photograph, they are extremely dirty on the beaches. Thankfully once summer is in full swing the birds know they need to stay away and we are able to enjoy clean sand by theContinue reading “Beach Bird Life On Lake Huron | Port Elgin”

Good Morning On The Beach | Lake Huron Sunrise

I can admit I am not the best morning person. However there are those off chances that the photographer in me is up with the early songs of the birds when the sun is just beginning to peek out for the day. This past weekend I felt incredibly blessed to have woken up at 530amContinue reading “Good Morning On The Beach | Lake Huron Sunrise”

Cottage Fun at Methuen Lake !

An older, yet very wise family member has been bugging, oops no reminding me 😉 that I really need to share more of the photos I take. Flattered of course and I agree. I have thousands of photos on my computer… so now that photography is truly about ME and MY family/friends – I willContinue reading “Cottage Fun at Methuen Lake !”