Under The Belief Influence 

The dream that we’ve had for years began coming together today – and it feels AMAZING ūüôā . Once a vision in my head, I can now feel and touch! Believing and knowing that we are deserving and are worth it. The past couple weeks have been heavy on me and I finally feel theContinue reading “Under The Belief Influence¬†“

It’s OK To Let It Go

It’s OK to let go, my son told my daughter.  We were sorting through their freshly cleaned laundry deciding what is staying and what would be donated.  My daughter is a lot like me, everything she is given holds sentimental value to her. It’s more challenging for her to let go.  I explained to ourContinue reading “It’s OK To Let It Go”

Mothers Day Essential Oil Trio – Available For Purchase NOW!!!

Available NOW¬†the Mothers Day Trio of Red Mandarin, Kumquat and Sunny Citrus are available for purchase!!! To purchase these oils please go here – you have the option of purchasing retail OR purchasing wholesale if you click on Join and Save! If you have any questions please reach out!   There is a new “line”Continue reading “Mothers Day Essential Oil Trio – Available For Purchase NOW!!!”

Relaxed Inspired Mind Diffuser Blend 

‚ÄčLast night I had the most uniquely beautiful diffuser blend and had the most glorious sleep! After such an inspiring holiday party and team training I am so grateful to share this with you.  3 drops of Melissa  2 drops of Smart and Sassy (Slim and Sassy) 1 drop of Rosemary  I let one ofContinue reading “Relaxed Inspired Mind Diffuser Blend¬†“

My Unforgettable 1st doTERRA CONVENTION Experience 

I began another blog about all the amazing new products, the science and research, true dedicated, heart felt good people!  All of that is so amazing, my family is loving the new products.  What is really warming MY heart right now is what I first need to share with you.  This was not only aContinue reading “My Unforgettable 1st doTERRA CONVENTION Experience¬†“

Thoughts, Words, Actions, Habits, Character, Destiny…

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. – Frank Outlaw   Never tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon – Author Unknown Reach for theContinue reading “Thoughts, Words, Actions, Habits, Character, Destiny…”

“Im scared…”

As a parent Im sure many of us have heard this, especially when it comes to bedtime and kids just do not want to go to bed. Since moving our kids adjusted so much better than what we thought they would – very different layout than our previous home – which was the only homeContinue reading ““Im scared…””