Spearmint, Tangerine & Lime Spotlight

Three of my fav oils to use in the diffuser together… read more about why these 3 oils are a beautiful combo to uplift the mood, instill confidence, creativity and feeling grateful for life along with so many more uses! Check them out! For my fellow ADHD Moms… these oils have been truly a giftContinue reading “Spearmint, Tangerine & Lime Spotlight”

What Are You Waiting For?

If I could give one piece of advice its to not give a fuck what someone else thinks and be proud of it! In the absolute most loving and supportive way possible! Treating others with the utmost respect, ethics, trust, love, courtesy, caring but also staying true to YOU! I lost “ME” a long timeContinue reading “What Are You Waiting For?”

Always Follow Your Heart | Meat Diffuser Blend

The sun was shining so bright and warm today! Such a gift after the dreary, rainy days we’ve been having. Tonight, our life is again feeling like its shifting, everyday a little bit more positive and in the right direction. Hubby checked a few things off his to-do list and it made me think ofContinue reading “Always Follow Your Heart | Meat Diffuser Blend”

Melaleuca/Tea Tree & FREE Purify| Monday July 17 DoTERRA BOGO 

​MONDAY BOGO – Melaleuca/Tea Tree and FREE Purify!!! 🌿🍃Monday July 17🍃🌿 Buy 1 Tea Tree and get 1 Purify FREE! #30152113 $24.24 wholesale $32.33 Retail Canadian or $20.14 wholesale  $26.85 retail US Pricing Want to purchase a Kit with FREE Wholesale Pricing and ADD ON BOGOS go to http://www.mydoterra.com/pamelazmija to get started now! 🙂 LimitContinue reading “Melaleuca/Tea Tree & FREE Purify| Monday July 17 DoTERRA BOGO “

Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Life | Lemongrass & White Fir

Do you feel like you need to cleanse ‘negative’ energy from you and or your home? The renovations continue so I feel like I need to neutralize the energy. I’m a “before and after” girl, the in-between has me actually feeling quite anxious.  3 drops each of Lemongrass and White Fir will cleanse the energy. Continue reading “Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Life | Lemongrass & White Fir”

Why Every Home Needs These Top 10 Essential Oils!

Why Every Home Needs These Top 10 Essential Oils!  I will be honest, I wasn’t raised all natural, it wasn’t until a few years ago when I was struggling (again) with my health and my children were having their own challenges when we discovered the natural healing power of doTERRA Essential Oils! Every single personContinue reading “Why Every Home Needs These Top 10 Essential Oils!”

Back To School Essential Oil Kits | Only Until August 31st!

I am excited to offer these fabulous back to school essential oil kits which will empower you within your home and family to strengthen your immune system, provide a calming and relaxing sensation, uplift and invigorate and so much more! Its so incredibly important to invest in yourself and your health! Best investment Ive everContinue reading “Back To School Essential Oil Kits | Only Until August 31st!”