When it all begins to make sense…

Chatting with a friend the other day, I made a comment about how our next reno phase had begun and her immediate response (in a loving way of course) was wow another one!? I began responding without even thinking about HOW I was going to respond. I just began typing. We’ve all been affected inContinue reading “When it all begins to make sense…”

Boost Your Fertility | Women’s Health

Are you trying to get pregnant? Are your cycles all over the map? Are you dealing with pain and discomfort? I was challenged with Infertility years before doTERRA. Thankfully we were blessed with two beautiful children but it was HARD emotionally and physically on my body. In 2011 I had a hysterectomy due to toContinue reading “Boost Your Fertility | Women’s Health”

When I Feel My Anxiety Levels Begin To Rise

My anxiety levels have been increasing lately, slowly but surely. I could feel that I was feeling ‘off’ however kept telling myself “its not a big deal”. Change IS a big deal. Even when change is good. Even when change is “small” Change, I am realizing is challenging to our family – even when itsContinue reading “When I Feel My Anxiety Levels Begin To Rise”

AromaTouch Diffused Kit | Essential Oils & Diffuser

Are you ready to incorporate doTERRA Essential Oils into your home?  Let me introduce you to this beautiful cost-effective kit which includes 8 of our popular oils, Fractionated Coconut Oil (for topical oil use) a diffuser, resource book AND a full year wholesale pricing of 25% off any future purchases PLUS personal support and on-goingContinue reading “AromaTouch Diffused Kit | Essential Oils & Diffuser”

But “Healthy Products” Are Expensive!?

How many times have you heard “dōTERRA is expensive”? Or what about “being healthy is expensive”? Quality matters in all areas of our life – in our home, for our bodies, our food, the clothes we wear, the beds we sleep in, furniture we sit on, plans we fly in and vehicles we drive! QualityContinue reading “But “Healthy Products” Are Expensive!?”

In The Eyes Of A Child

I truly love just sitting listening to our kids. Listening to their opinion, point of view and dreams! Last night I over heard my hubby having a chat with our daughter. So of course I had to snap this photo. We are beginning to wrap up our main floor living space and kitchen reno. ItContinue reading “In The Eyes Of A Child”

DigestZen (ZenGest) & Slim & Sassy (Smart & Sassy)

DigestZen and Slim & Sassy are two of my FAV digestive and metabolism oils! They’ve completely changed the way I CAN properly support my digestive system naturally to live a healthier and happier life! 💙 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DIGESTZEN (ZEN GEST in Canada): 🌱 Dilute and apply DigestZen topically for all kinds of digestive discomfort. Whether youContinue reading “DigestZen (ZenGest) & Slim & Sassy (Smart & Sassy)”

Deep Blue Essential Oil & Rub

DEEP BLUE: When my kids legs are growing, deep blue is what they ask for! I love using deep blue after a chiropractic adjustment! Deep Blue is my go to for… age, housework and mom life 😉 After exercising to soothe those beautifully worked muscles. Feeling tense… deep blue to the rescue! Deep Blue OilContinue reading “Deep Blue Essential Oil & Rub”

Cilantro & Peppermint | Cardamom & Cilantro | Feb 22 BOGO!

Today’s BOGO is pretty awesome! Why? Because I bet a lot of you do not have Cardamom or Cilantro – now is your chance to get one FREE!!! THURSDAY’S BOGO – US WAREHOUSE!!! Buy CARDAMOM (5ml) for $26 and get CILANTRO (15mL) for $26 for free!!!!! (SKU #49350001) That’s two amazing oils for just $26.00Continue reading “Cilantro & Peppermint | Cardamom & Cilantro | Feb 22 BOGO!”

Coriander, Bergamot & Black Pepper | Emotions and The Diffuser

One of my favourite reasons of loving my doTERRA oils is the Emotional Support and Benefits! The sense of smell has a unique way of positively supporting our emotions. Coriander – The Oil Of Integrity Coriander moves the individual from doing things for the acceptance of others to honoring and living from the True Self.Continue reading “Coriander, Bergamot & Black Pepper | Emotions and The Diffuser”