Before & After | Kitchen & Dining Room Renovation

After years of planning, months of hard work… and many hours watched of HGTV 😉 I am SO excited to say our Kitchen Renovation is COMPLETE! When we first walked into this house, we saw and felt the possibilities. The home was filled with love. The home was filled with opportunities to make it ourContinue reading “Before & After | Kitchen & Dining Room Renovation”

Quick Fix or Long Term Solution

Have you ever heard something and immediately could feel the fire ignite in your belly!? This morning while starting my work day I was listening to the radio and heard one of the political platforms talking about the importance of having a guaranteed income for everyone no matter what their age etc so they canContinue reading “Quick Fix or Long Term Solution”

20 Ways To Use On Guard Essential Oil Blend

On Guard Essential Oil is one of our fav’s and most used in our home! It is emotionally known as the Oil of Protection. Check out these 20 ways to use our On Guard Essential Oil Blend!  

Welcome May! | 2018

I am excited to begin sharing my monthly promotions with you here every month! For the month of May when you purchase 200 PV (product value) you could receive one or both of these awesome product promotions! Place a 200PV order from the Canadian Warehouse you will receive a FREE 10ml Immortelle Roller! Place aContinue reading “Welcome May! | 2018”

Mama’s Un-Newsletter

Check your email inbox for my LAST newsletter that this girl will be sending! Yes – I said LAST! Ive been on a personal journey and doing a lot of reflection. In the past week I cleared thousands of email’s from my inboxes. Incredible the amount of them. In all honesty the amount I hadContinue reading “Mama’s Un-Newsletter”

Hey Mom’s!

I am looking for my fellow moms! If you are a mom living this #momlife – I would love to connect! I have life experience with adhd, pcos, hypothyroidism, ibs, weight gain/loss, insomnia, depression, stress, infertility, essential oils, being a working mom, wife, family, marriage, raising kids, lifestyle photography and home renovations. I am newContinue reading “Hey Mom’s!”

Life Lessons Are The Best Learning Experiences!

In this journey of making our house, our home we’ve learned a few key things in life! Life lessons certainly are the best! Growth! Challenges make you grow even when you don’t think you have anymore in you. 2nd Chance. Sometimes a 2nd chance means you can get it exactly right as it should haveContinue reading “Life Lessons Are The Best Learning Experiences!”

The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life

The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life Your material “stuff” Your time Your goals Your negative thoughts Your debt Your words Your artificial ingredients Your screen time Your connections to the world Your multi-tasking If you asked me a year ago I would have said, yeah we need to do some declutteringContinue reading “The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life”

Simple Living | Recycling

Monday when I was getting the kids lunches ready for that day, I pulled out the “naturals” meat we picked up for their lunch and looked at the package. When I was home with the kids 1 week ago on the Monday, the weekend of the snow and nice storm I listened to a TEDContinue reading “Simple Living | Recycling”

10 Simple Steps To Make The Most of Every Day!

10 Simple Steps to Make the Most of Every Day Living an ADHD, PCOS Mom filled live can feel overwhelming at times. Thats when I know I am too ‘up in my head’ and I need to get more grounded. I pull out my Balance oil blend and my body spray created with oils andContinue reading “10 Simple Steps To Make The Most of Every Day!”