Where Our Path Leads Us… I Am The Architect of My Life! πŸ’•

Our emotional and physical health can sometimes feel like it’s taking over every part of our life when we don’t feel good… Emotional scars can feel like weights preventing you from living your true potential. I know and understand.   Be easy on yourself.  We all have a journey that we are on, each andContinue reading “Where Our Path Leads Us… I Am The Architect of My Life! πŸ’•”

Winter Living Magazine Available

​The Winter 2017 Living Magazine is now available! Perfect timing with the amount of snow we now have! I do truly love the blanket of snow, especially in time for Christmas!  This issue features: β€’ Spikenard and Eucalyptus essential oil spotlights β€’ Homemade cookie recipes β€’ Your new gym bag makeover  β€’ Essential oil guideContinue reading “Winter Living Magazine Available”

Always go with your gut feeling!

You know that feeling deep down that is like the little voice you hear of the angel and the devil when you are trying to make a decision. That uneasy feeling or the butterflies of pure joy. Without a doubt when you have to make a decision go with what you’re feeling, you’ll never beContinue reading “Always go with your gut feeling!”