Growth 🌱🌎☘We can all learn so much from Nature. The way the leaves fall before winter, a dark quiet time with little visible growth, but survival, strength builds on the inside, maybe not as obvious, until spring blesses us with its sunshine and warmer temperatures. Nature knows. Nature trusts, when the timing is right. What’sContinue reading “Growth”

The Spring Bloom | 2014 New Life. New Beginnings

There is something special about every season, especially when you are a photographer. Spring means new life, a brand new start, amazing possibilities. I love walking our property to see all the new flowers, buds on the trees, brand new trees growing and enjoy the birds singing. Tonight my lens of choice was the CanonContinue reading “The Spring Bloom | 2014 New Life. New Beginnings”

Canon 5D Mark III Low Light Test

Last night I did some low light shots with my new Canon 5D Mark III. One is indoors of my dog with his blankie on our couch, the only light in the room was 2 lamps, one on either end of the couch. The other was the planter on our front porch, the only lightsContinue reading “Canon 5D Mark III Low Light Test”