Winter Has Arrived – The First Snowfall of Winter 2015/16

Winter has finally arrived in the most beautiful way! Im certainly not a cold weather person, however this is a wonderful way to start winter! Being the end of November is even better 😉 Such a gorgeous sky I woke up to early this morning. Combined with the diffuser blend of Cassia, Douglas Fir andContinue reading “Winter Has Arrived – The First Snowfall of Winter 2015/16”

Enjoying the winter wonderland

If we must have 6 more weeks of winter before Spring, I certainly hope the days are just like yesterday! Gorgeous warm sunshine with light snow flakes. The photographer in me was just itching to burst out of work at lunch time to capture some of the gorgeous scene mother nature created. Pure 20 minutesContinue reading “Enjoying the winter wonderland”

First Snowfall of Winter 2012-2013 | Mount Forest

We woke up to a blanket of freshly fallen snow, which has continued to fall for most of the day! I’m not a cold loving person, but snow I am. If it’s here to stay great, I always feel cozy in the winter with a blanket of snow! The kids are excited for Santa –Continue reading “First Snowfall of Winter 2012-2013 | Mount Forest”