All Natural After Sun Rub & Spray

Have you been enjoying the sunshine? Perhaps a little bit too much? I know my kids and my skin was sunkissed a couple weeks ago and my Aloe & Oil Rub certainly came in handy for myself and my kids! After Sun Aloe & Oil Rub 1 cup Aloe Vera 8 drops Lavender 8 dropsContinue reading “All Natural After Sun Rub & Spray”

Escape To The Beach To Re-Charge Your Brain & Body!

The beach and our family cottage truly is my “happy place”. Even just spending an hour there my brain and body is completely relaxed and at ease. Personally I find the fresh air and water incredibly relaxing. My creative juices get flowing and this is where I take the majority of my photograph’s during theContinue reading “Escape To The Beach To Re-Charge Your Brain & Body!”

Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset

What a gorgeous weekend to be at the beach! The water, sand and sun was simply fabulous – so warm, refreshing and calming! In and out of the water proved to heat things up with some of us getting a little extra sun. Imagine that, me as a red head under an umbrella for theContinue reading “Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset”

Life’s A Beach | My Happy Place

My Happy Place… It truly is our home away from home. The place where no matter the family or friends who show up, everyone is welcome. Where many weekends are filled with a lot of laughs and love and upstairs feels like one giant bedroom. A beach filled with chairs and beach toys – manyContinue reading “Life’s A Beach | My Happy Place”

Kids Life | Beach Stream and Tadpoles

This boy of mine has his daddy’s keen sense of adventure for discovery of all things new, slimy and gross 😉 The past few summers this small stream has been FULL of tadpoles, this year the stream was moving much more quickly so the kids were on tadpole duty rescuing them from flowing out toContinue reading “Kids Life | Beach Stream and Tadpoles”

The bird of the beach… the sea gull

The bird of the beach… the sea gull. They can be annoying, however they are also a very beautiful bird. I am opening myself up to explore the beauty all around me, not just within my own family, but every aspect of our life. This guy was flying over head while my children were veryContinue reading “The bird of the beach… the sea gull”

“Sunrise” Won 2nd Place – Saugeen Shores Pumpkin Fest!

I am so very excited to share that my photo received 2nd place in the Saugeen Shores Pumpkin Fest Photo Contest in the Sunset/Sunrise Adult Category!!! My Photo will be printed and displayed at Pumpkin Fest 2012 on both Saturday and Sunday!!!

Victoria Day Weekend (May 2-4) ~ Family, Sun, Sand & Water! Kick off to the SUMMER!

We spent the Victoria Day (aka May 2-4) weekend with family at the family cottage! What an awesome kick off to the summer! The weather was amazing, hot gorgeous sunshine, cool water and great times with family and friends! We got our boat in for the first time, I dont know who was more excitedContinue reading “Victoria Day Weekend (May 2-4) ~ Family, Sun, Sand & Water! Kick off to the SUMMER!”