Juicy Rosemary Basil BBQ Chicken & Optimistic Diffuser Blends

I started my day with a beautiful diffuser blend of Douglas Fir and Bergamot. Bergamot is a gorgeous citrus oil which is known as The Oil of Self Acceptance with positive properties of Optimism, Confidence, Hopeful and Loveable. The positive properties of Douglas Fir which was resonating with me this morning and to strengthen myContinue reading “Juicy Rosemary Basil BBQ Chicken & Optimistic Diffuser Blends”

Spring Cottage Project – Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola

Ever since meeting my husband, I knew he had talent. One of those awesome talents is working with wood. He can build some pretty spectacular structures! It was a work weekend at the cottage, well many weekends are actually, being a part of a family cottage means putting forth work for the upkeep of it.Continue reading “Spring Cottage Project – Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola”

It really does not take much

This weekend we had work commitments that kept us close to home and in this heat it would have been the perfect weekend at the beach, however you know what we had just as much fun! Great time together as a family and also catching up with both new and “old” but great, friends!  WeContinue reading “It really does not take much”